Ghostly Hit & Run?

Some years back, I was a guitarist in a four piece band and we would practice every Wednesday night at one of the other guitarists’ house in a small village in Fife, Scotland, just off the the A195.

It was usual to have a bit of a blether and drink great quantities of coffee after we had finished practising our chosen song for the night, sometimes we would talk over what was required to make it better or sometimes it was just small talk but usually it would continue into the wee small hours.
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Victorian Ghost in a Sixties House

Back in the nineteen eighties when I was still single and in my mid twenties, I had returned home to my parents house with my then girlfriend of the time Mary, and we politely watched TV with my parents till they went off to bed.

Once we had the lounge to ourselves, we settled down on the sofa and dimmed the lights for a little romance before the long walk home in the cold winter night’s air.
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Aberdour Castle