How Does Echovox Work?

In yesterdays short article named Does Echovox Work, we spoke about how this application was different from the ghostly fun on android or Iphone applications, that may be purchased through places such as Google Play.

I reassured everyone that we have a good working device that may be used by any researcher or member of the public, with an interest in this type of study.

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Ghost Voices Research

Haunted Scotland & The Revamped International Paranormal (TRIP) continue the ongoing research into voices captured on device, whether this be Echovox; Spirit-Box (P-SB7) OR digital audio devices and video recording equipment.

We look at relevance to questions asked, quality of the audio captures and form hypothetical; out-the-box suggestions, about what is happening and how non-physical energies may manipulate these devices.

This is a lengthy program of research; which is undertaken without any pre-judgement or leanings toward solid conclusions. We are not-influenced by other researchers conclusions, ideas or cynicism and not deterred by the behaviour of some who have never held the devices or even extensively researched the area.

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