Greyfriars Dark Mass

The capital of Scotland, is under the spotlight again here at Haunted Scotland, with a photograph passed to us from a student of photography at a West Lothian College. Sheena Severn, has kindly allowed the image to be displayed here for the public to look at.

I will let her tell you, in her own words, the background…..

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Hampton Court – Footage

Here we have one from the Haunted Scotland archive and such was the interest surrounding it, that it hit the mainstream national press in 2007.

Hampton Court is the venue and what you are viewing below is a possible ghostly apparition, said to be the notorious King Henry VIII, captured by security guards who regularly monitor the location.
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Dunstaffnage Castle

Region : Argyll.
Location : 5 miles north of Oban

Details : According to legend there has been a fort on this promontory since the first century BC. As a Dalriada stronghold the Stone of Destiny was held there at one stage. The present castle dates from the 13th century. Early in the 15th century it became one of the strongholds of the Campbells. Punitive raids against the MacDonalds and the Macleans were mounted from here and in the 16th century Cameron of Lochiel was beheaded there. Flora MacDonald was imprisoned in the castle for a short spell after she had helped Prince Charles Edward Stewart to escape back to France in 1746.

Paranormal Phenomena : allegedly a shadowy figure in a green dress known as “The Scanniag” or “Elle Maid” foretells events, good or bad, about to befall the Campbells. It is also said that she also pulled off bedclothes, especially to children. and often woke up family and guests by stamping up and down the floor. Reports of re-enactments, and phantom soldiers sparked an investigation into this site by the This haunted land paranormal investiogations group