Ryan O’Neill at Scotstarvit Castle

Ryan takes the Echovox to Scotstarvit Castle in Fife, Scotland, to assess how much activity is taking place there.

This is the full flowing captures video analysed and created by Christopher Huff, Spirit Research North East (SRNE). The two organisations work in conjunction with each other to bring the public the very best material possible, with full integrity and honestly at the forefront of the research.

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Spirit Voices – Scotstarvit Tower

Location Information – http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/scotsta…

Followers of my work, will recognise the Wemyss Family name from the local haunted hot spot that is Macduff’s Castle. So we have a strong connection between these locations, hence my desire to observe this location, even without any significant paranormal information.

Will we manage to gather anything significant via our recording equipment, and will the audio work prove as fruitful at this location, as it did at Macduff’s.

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