Echovox: Spirits Manipulate Audio Devices?

I do not put all my trust into what others say or what Science theorises. I have come to understand, that the only way to operate in this reality, is to experience for oneself and then apply what you learn from such.

I am also aware that Science does not deal in proof and never has, it uses working models and then shows evidence to support the model. Science will NEVER conclude a model and thus the model is a map and not the territory.

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The Debunkers Have Surfaced

Tell it how it is Ryan, get the pad open and start writing in response to more Pseudo-Sceptical propaganda and flawed interpretations. This is what was ringing in my ears this morning, most likely in reply to what I had read last night before retiring to bed. You see, I had just read an article in The Daily Express, in regards to  Why science is taking near-death experiences seriously and was immediately hit with our old friend Dr. Susan Blackmore and more misleading information.

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Mr. John (Jan) Dijkslag

This is a call out for anyone who knows the whereabouts of Mr. John (Jan) Dijkslag, a former friend of Gabriella John, last contact made in Inverness. Gabriella says ” I met John (his Dutch name is Jan) during my first holiday in Scotland end of October / beginning November 2003” she goes on to say “At that time, John was working there to bridge the time while he was waiting for the authorization to open and observatory at the north-eastern most end of Scotland near Wick. Horst Meyerdierks said he probably still lives near Croy”

Gabriella had invited John for dinner near Edinburgh. Unfortunately, that very evening it had started snowing and the road over the Highland hills were closed. They never met again, but after Gabriella’s return to Germany, they spent hours on the phone every night as good friends. Gabriella unfortunately lost all her numbers and has been searching ever since for her friend with no results notable. Can you help?

If you know John(Jan) whether a colleague, friend or family member, please could you past the following details over to him……

E-mails are:, and, Skype GabriellaInternational

Cell Phone: +49 157 37 55 83 02

Thank You!!

I salute Chris at the Epoch Times!

On the face of it, we would be mistaken for thinking that all science is against anything remotely mysterious and relating to the unexplained topic. You see, within all the main streams of information out there you can actually find nuggets of gold that suggest that even the most sceptical of scientists do in fact acknowledge the probabilities of things like psychic telepathy. This was further emphasised to me this morning when I read a most excellent article by Chris Carter from the Epoch Times – Does telepathy conflict with science

One of the quotes highlighted by the very gifted writer Chris was:
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