Rose Hall Audio Capture

I toured – then sat quietly – within the grounds to conduct some audio recordings, and sampling of the environment. The audio is still being analysed, and all material will be uploaded over the course of the coming days and week.

Already we have some interesting captures from Rose Hall. The name Palmer, Leave me & Im Over Here, all very clear thus far and raising an eyebrow or two.

Please help us by giving your suggestions to this short audio capture from the location.

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The Rose Hall – Jamaica

Just 20 minutes from Montego Bay, The legend that surrounds Rose Hall and its infamous owner, Annee Palmer, is one that has fascinated generations of locals and visitors alike since its construction in 1770.

Allegedly, Annee was named the “White Witch” because she bedazzled then killed three husbands and countless slave lovers. Apparently she was an admirer of the whip, she was also said to be notorious for torturing slaves for her own sick entertainment.

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