Spirit Voices: Are These Real

It’s very easy for me to assume that everyone knows exactly how the process of gathering these audio files – via the Echovox software – actually works.

I tend to find that some of my previous articles are easily digested by current researchers – and explorers of the paranormal genre – yet forgetting the grass-roots of paranormal experiences, which actually comes from the public at large.

I mean, it’s very easy for people to listen to the captures and think WOW, but some may have doubts about authenticity of these files, and may be rather confused about the ‘how’ of such.

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Feel Judged?

Do you feel that you are judged because of your personal beliefs or feel that some of your colleagues have shut you out slightly, especially if you are not afraid to share such? Do not fear, stress or worry in the slightest as I know how you feel and its no great problem for you, maybe for the past friends and colleagues but in the end, that is their business and not anything for you to worry about.

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Will I get splinters sitting on that fence

You know, it’s absolutely absurd to think that something is not pretty well strange and mysterious in the amount of reports we get daily in regards to the paranormal and hauntings in particular. All walks of life provide these reports too, this is in spite of the agenda by a few to paint the reporting of mysteries as a crackpot fringe few and that we should return to “normality” and be good little consumers.

As you will have gathered by now, I have little tolerance for false reporting and pseudo-sceptical posturing which attacks the good people who only want to share their experience. The arm-chair crew will pretend to be all scientific in thinking and will tell you that your “brain was playing tricks on you” or some other half-baked excuse to protect their own self-claimed intelligence. This is why the ethos here is to report real stories and get you to critically think in all directions, not just in the way of paranormal events, BUT also agendas by those who want to ensure you never think in such mysterious directions. They are fast to judge you, but by goodness they will snarl if you try the same in return in search of the truth.
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