Ravenscraig Revisited

Real Ghost Voices? | Ravenscraig Castle in Kirkcaldy

Real Ghost Voices? Are these Real Ghost Voices from Ravenscraig Castle in Kirkcaldy? Ravenscraig Castle is a semi-ruined castle located in Kirkcaldy, Fife, and dates from around 1460. This location has now been subject to a plethora of visits by Haunted Scotland, collecting images, video, and conducting non-intrusive audio recordings.

Ghost Voices Research: Ravenscraig Revisited

Ghost Voices Research This is a revisit to Ravenscraig Castle, Kirkcaldy, on Thursday 12th September 2013. The visit was made to conduct the first ever Echovox session at this location, continuing the Ghost Voices Research being conducted by myself, Chris Huff and all those with an interest in this area.

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