Protect Your Paranormal Research & Observations

Members of the paranormal research field get a hard time from many quarters, whether it be about finding extraordinary evidence, which I have shown to be irrational, or due to individuals who are using the field to propel media careers, while they attack all and sundry to reach that goal.

I have also discovered that location owners, or curators, may in fact be playing games also, to boost their own work and place teams against each other with behind-back whispers, or even trying to catch out mediumistic researchers with false information.

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Follow Your Purpose

The title today is rather a weird one for a website with regards to the paranormal don’t you think and I see a few looking on thinking, where is he going with this today. In all honestly at this exact point I have no outline, I’m going with the flow here but do not stress, I have a few things to add in relation to the genre of the paranormal.

Yesterday we spoke about TV Investigators and the difference between what I term real research compared to working with a production company on site. We spoke about how much respect I have for these hard-working Investigators and why it’s rather funny to see people who do not know them, bash them from behind a screen due to a multitude of personal reasons…Jealousy will be one of those I can ensure.

Today I would like to talk about purpose.
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