Haunted Hailes Castle In Pictures

Haunted Hailes Castle In Pictures.

Haunted Hailes Castle 10Nestled within the countryside of East Lothian – away from the more well-known Edinburgh haunted hot-spots – we have a stunning small location.

Many people miss Hailes Castle completely on their visit to Scotland, or underestimate its beauty along with that all too familiar mix of paranormal activity.

This may not be underground Edinburgh, or the grandeur of Glamis Castle, but make no mistake, the witness testimonies of ghostly behaviour are every bit as significant and of great interest.

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The Stunning Balvaird Castle

Balvaird 2015Rarely is the case that we will not return to a location for updated material, try new techniques, and present it all to the visitors of the Haunted Scotland website. We find this keeps material up to date, interest in our stunning Scottish locations high, and that little possibility of further mysterious activity to add to the in-depth files we already possess.

This was the case with Balavird Castle, which was visited this past Thursday (12/02)

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Edinburgh Vaults – Photography

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Craigmillar Castle

Situated on the southern outskirts of Scotland’s Capital City sits the impressive and superbly preserved castle named Craigmillar. Photography from location……

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Dunfermline Abbey

Haunted Scotland takes the trip to west Fife to visit a new haunt, Dunfermline Abbey & Palace. Photography from visit…..

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Aberdour Castle

On the 4th of October 2012, Haunted Scotland visited the castle, my intention was to gather visual media, sample the atmosphere and also speak with the Stanemason on duty. Here are the Photographs from that visit…..

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