The Old Temple Kirk – Seat Of The Knights Templars

The Old Temple Kirk – Seat Of The Knights Templars

The Old Temple Kirk - Seat Of The Knights Templars This was the principal seat of the Knights Templars in Scotland with a history going back to that of King David I (Reigned April or May 1124 – 24 May 1153)

The earliest reference we have at hand is most likely in a charter of 1175-99. So we can clearly see an estimated timeline of creation with these dates.

In addition, we also find that in 1128, its alleged that the cousin of St Bernard of Clairvaux, Hugues de Payens, met King David I in Scotland. The Order thus established a seat at Balantrodoch, now Temple, Midlothian on the South Esk River.

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World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does Exist

World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does Exist

World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does ExistsOften in circles relating to pseudo-scepticism and blatant cynicism – with regards to paranormal events – we’ve members who are all too happy to name drop individuals as some proof about their rigid belief systems.

Many have even tried to emanate said big names – in search of big dollars and lots of publicity – for their materialist aims in life.

Not forgetting massive fame and media performances to boot.

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Observe Real Paranormal Activity | Subjective Investigating

Observe Real Paranormal Activity

Real Paranormal ActivityMuch of what I am about to say will fly in the face of conventional ways to research and investigate in the paranormal field.

Actually, some will even attempt to pour scorn on my suggestions and dismiss my approach as woo-woo, delusional or not important to consider.

Please keep in mind, there is absolutely no proper way to research the paranormal and being more ‘Scientific’ does not elevate you above anyone within this field of study.

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Echovox | Q&A with Haunted Scotland

Echovox Q&A with Haunted Scotland

echovoxThe Echovox system seems to tap into those areas that spiritual mediums can, albeit, without the visual aspect or symbolic jigsaw building that many of these gifted people experience.

Audio phoneme sound banks playing at high randomness – allowing the non-physical to use these non-physical fields – to communicate via words & phrases turning chaos into coherent order.

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Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothes

Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothes?

Why Do Ghosts Wear Clothesin Pictures!If ghosts are dead people, where do their phantom clothes come from.

It’s a very valid question, and may cause confusion in people who are genuinely interested in all things ghostly.

What about the clothes they are seen wearing, how can they be phantom clothes?

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What is Haunted Scotland’s Raison D’être

Restenneth PrioryHaunted Scotland’s Raison D’être

This actual question was posed to me lately during a meeting, where I was asked what this whole thing entails. In other-words, what is Haunted Scotland’s Raison D’être – ‘reason for being’ – and what is the thrust of the forward movement to be here.

Some seem to think it’s a company, much like the fantastic tour companies that operate in places such as Edinburgh or our friends at History & Horror Tours in Perth. I’m afraid that is rather wide of the mark, and I have no skills in such areas either.

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Video: Look Beyond The Physical

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

― Nikola Tesla

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Echovox: Slow Down, Gain Results

Lately, we have looked at ways to aid people who are using the Echovox System, on their hand-held devices. We have looked at the crucial areas to focus on, and the majority are satisfied that the software is gaining results worth looking into.

The feedback I’m receiving internationally, here at Haunted Scotland, would suggest the device is used by three main groups of people.

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Getting the most out of your Echovox

So you have the application on your Smart-Phone or PC Tablet and you are ready to rock and roll on location. However, how do you begin you may wonder, and what is the best way to conduct such sessions to get maximum possibility of results.

Like anything in the paranormal world, results are never guaranteed and when they are forthcoming, people rarely agree that such are significant enough.

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How Does Echovox Work?

In yesterdays short article named Does Echovox Work, we spoke about how this application was different from the ghostly fun on android or Iphone applications, that may be purchased through places such as Google Play.

I reassured everyone that we have a good working device that may be used by any researcher or member of the public, with an interest in this type of study.

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