Norham Castle – 2013

Named “The Most Dangerous Castle In England” due to its strategic position, overlooking the River Tweed and within close proximity to Scotland, who have fought long-standing wars with their English counterparts.

Norham is partly ruined but in surprisingly good condition and well looked after by the English Heritage. This can be assessed by the well-kept lawns and lack of litter in this stunning looking location.
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Disappearing light bulb

This particular incident happened in about 2006. I was at the time not working, and so spent quite a lot of time at home during the day. I had a heavy cold which may or may not be relevant (not sure it is relevant, but I remember it being the case). On the day in question I had woken up early (6am) and put the bedside lamp on to read. Not something I did every day at that time, which has always seemed very significant to me.

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