Your Experiences Count First

We live in a world where strange things happen and mysterious situations manifest on a regular basis. To list every instance of such, would be a job within itself with vast sways of area to cover and a plethora of off-shoots and areas to explore in-depth.

There is, however, one fundamental link between it all that I would place my neck on the line to proclaim, in the quest of further examination on new thought discussion.

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Louise Hay Thoughts Create Our Future

Every thought we think, and every word we speak, is creating our own future. Our thoughts go out into the universe, and is accepted, and brought back to use as experience. We just think, think, think, think without paying attention to our thinking.

We must be mindful of what we are thinking of. Our thoughts have the power to attract back to us, the people, things, circumstances, ideas, places, events that are in alignment with our thoughts.

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The Secret

View the first 20 minutes of the global film phenomenon “The Secret”. It is authorized by The Secret LLC for personal use only. Please enjoy this gift!

More Information and to purchase the FULL FILM, you should visit the official website by clicking the image to the left. Haunted Scotland suggests you watch the full film after this 20 minute gift from Rhonda Byrne and the team, a further suggestion would be getting the book and consider “The Power” book from the same author. The material WILL change your life and the way you look at it!! Enjoy…..

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