Ryan O’Neill on Most Haunted 2008

The tenth series of Most Haunted began on 19 February 2008 and came to a close at the end of April. This series featured three psychic mediums: Johnnie Fiori, Clipstone native Barrie John and Brian Shepherd. Lesley Smith replaced Richard Felix as resident historian on the recorded shows and travelled with the team to each location.

The team were also joined by Scottish paranormal investigator Ryan O’Neill, a guest on episodes 1&2 of series 10 at Coalhouse Fort.

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HS Founder Ryan O’Neill – Most Haunted

As some may be aware, in the past Ryan has assisted Antix Productions (the makers of MH) Which is owned by Karl Beattie the star of the show along with wife Yvette Fielding. The amount of assistance given has varied from simple research through to allowing the usage of equipment and appearances on both Edinburgh live Show and Filmed episodes in series 10. – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Most_Haunted_episodes#Series_10_.282008.29

2006-2009 where the main time frames whereas Ryan helped the guys at ANTIX Productions.

“I am often asked about fakery and the people associated with the program and I have to say while I have worked with them, I have never once witnessed deliberate fakery”

As for the main members of Most Haunted including production, Ryan reiterates that he has never met a greater selection of people. Whether it was receiving excellent pointers from Ciaran, massive hugs of appreciation from both Yvette & Karl, lots of fun and laugher with Johnnie Fiori or non stop assistance from the production guys via endless calls/emails back at that particular time.

“Even as lately as few weeks ago (2012) I spoke briefly over private message (Facebook) with Karl, I thanked him and Yvette for such fond memories….even now he is such a kind hearted person with great words”

Here is a selection of material from that time: