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Spirit Voices: Are These Real

It’s very easy for me to assume that everyone knows exactly how the process of gathering these audio files – via the Echovox software – actually works. I tend to find that some of my previous articles are easily digested by current…Read More »

Ghosts 2014: Balmerino Abbey (Includes Echovox)

Location Information – http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/balmeri… Three sample clips from Echovox are included in this video. Please check back for the full session video at a later date. Balmerino Abbey is a Cistercian Abbey, now in ruins. The Abbey was built in 1229 by…Read More »

Echovox: Slow Down, Gain Results

Lately, we have looked at ways to aid people who are using the Echovox System, on their hand-held devices. We have looked at the crucial areas to focus on, and the majority are satisfied that the software is gaining results worth looking…Read More »

Ghost Voices: Echovox Capture Remix

Extensive research and observation has now been under way for 5 months – with the Echovox software – on a plethora of locations throughout Scotland and her borders. We have used the devices on a variety of locations, and the results have…Read More »

Spirit Voices: The Tomb

Location Visit: http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/greyfriars-kirkyard-2/ Our aim was to conduct the first ever Echovox session in this atmospheric yet peaceful place, then allow Bryan to work his magic as he informed of the spiritual and energetic impressions he was receiving. This is the second…Read More »