Video: Haunted RAF Kelstern by Chris Huff

The following is a video created by our colleague – and co-coordinator of TRIP – Mr Christopher Huff! The video is part of the ongoing research into Haunted RAF Airfields by the published author.

Located only four miles from both Binbrook and Ludford Magna airfields on the Lincolnshire Wolds, Kelstern was a half a mile north-east of a First World War night landing ground established in 1917 near Mill Farm. Intended as a refuge for No.33 Squadron Zeppelin hunters running low on fuel, it was little used, the RAF departing in March 1919

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Ghost Voices: Culross Abbey

Culross is a hot bed for paranormal activity, with not only the abbey having sightings of the traditional ghostly monks, but also many reports from the village itself which is steeped in such history of black magic and witchcraft.

We however, had to focus our attention in this one area, with so much to cover around the abbey grounds.

Here are the location voice captures via Echovox Software…..

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Borthwick Castle

Region : Lothian
Location : 12 miles SE of Edinburgh

Details : Built in 1430, it is a massive U-plan keep standing inside a walled courtyard with round corner towers – only one of which remains. it was once the refuge of Mary Queen of Scots and the Earl of Bothwell and later in 1650, was besieged by Cromwell. On the east wall, the damage done by Cromwell’s canons is still easy to see.
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