Corgarff Castle

Corgarff Castle Haunting

Corgarff CastleRegion: Grampian
Location: 10 miles SE of Tomintoul

Details: Built as a hunting lodge in 1537 but became a residence of the Forbes family. See the undiscovered scotland website for more in-depth details.

After the Jacobite risings of the 18th century, it was rebuilt as a barracks and a detachment of government troops was stationed there. Military use continued until 1831, after which the tower served as a distillery and housed local workers.

Paranormal Phenomena: It’s alleged that screams can be heard during times of Corgarff Castlehistorical reenactment at this location. These mimic the great attack of 1571, where Adam Gordon of Auchindoun, besieged this stunning castle ultimately burning it down with the occupants still inside.

Margaret Forbes, the Chief’s wife, and twenty-six others – including children – died a gruesome death here.

Is it any wonder that spiritual activity has been reported. Such is the emotion, history and deep-seated grief here, we may be witnessing anything form residual energy to actual sentient activity, especially in the Barrack Room.

We visited this castle in November 2018 as part of a more comprehensive road trip around northern Scotland (Highlands) During such a gathering of visual data, and audio recordings were conducted from outside the location. Here is one such audio “He’s Not Scottish” was clearly caught via ITC Techniques.

Haunted History Road Trip – Highlands Of Scotland

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The Haunted Caves Of Wemyss | The Mysterious Court Cave

The Haunted Caves Of Wemyss

The Haunted Caves Of Wemyss East Wemyss was one of several coal mining communities along the south coast of The Kingdon Of Fife in the east of Scotland.

This coastal area is known for its caves ( The name derives from Gaelic uamh, ‘cave’); where we have eleven caves with several of which containing Pictish incised carvings.

Overlooking the caves – and closely connected to them – is Macduff Castle, an area you will know from our previous research.

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Rosslyn Castle a VERY Haunted Scottish Location

Rosslyn Castle a VERY Haunted Scottish Location

Rosslyn Castle a VERY Haunted Scottish Location Welcome to Rosslyn Castle a very haunted Scottish location.

The St Clare (Sinclair) family have held the lands of Roslin since 1280. The first castle built on these lands can be dated to either the late 14th or early 15th century.

The courtyard was entered via a drawbridge over an artificial ditch when first constructed, a far cry from the amazing approach we see today.

Today we only see a small portion of what would’ve been an imposing yet stunning castle, with many ruined parts now clearly visible. This is little wonder due to harsh Scottish weather, various attacks and one too many fires through the ages.

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Newark Castle & St Monans Auld Kirk Ghost | Includes Audio Captures

Newark Castle & St Monans Auld Kirk Ghost

St Monans Auld Kirk Ghost St Monans Auld Kirk dates back to around the year 875 when Saint Monan was buried here.

Newark Castle is a ruin located just outside the town of St Monans and probably dates back to the 13th century.

The two are linked by an apparition that was seen in the Kirk by a lad who was locking up after conducting his cleaning duties.

Who is the Newark Castle & St Monans Auld Kirk Ghost?

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The Haunted Balgonie Castle | Fife | Scotland

The Haunted Balgonie Castle

Balgonie Castle sits on the south bank of the River Leven near Milton The Haunted Balgonie Castleof Balgonie, a few miles east of Glenrothes, in Fife, Scotland.

The keep dates to the 13th century and the remaining structures added up-until the 18th century. The keep has recently been restored, although other parts of the castle are roofless ruins.

Balgonie is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

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Balgonie Castle 360 Interactive Paranormal Investigation

Balgonie Castle 360 Interactive Paranormal Investigation

Balgonie Castle Spirits Speak“Green Jeannie”, has wandered the ruinous 1702 wing for over two centuries. walking between two rooms linked by a doorway, she is said to walk in a left to right direction behind the two barred windows, stopping only to peer into the walled courtyard from the second window.

I witnessed one of the Wolf Hounds stand, bark and stare towards this area during our latest Investigation at Fife Paranormal Research Society.

That is not all however…….

Another spirit that roams Balgonie Castle is that of an old man. While the Laird’s wife was said to be resting in the Great Hall, she had opened her eyes to find a bearded apparition – grey in statue – in what looked like 17th century costume staring towards her.

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Haunted Castle Of St Andrews

Haunted Castle Of St Andrews

Haunted Castle Of St AndrewsSt Andrew’s Castle is a historical ruin located in the coastal Royal Burgh of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland. The castle overlooks a small beach called Castle Sands and the adjoining North Sea.

There has been a castle standing at the site since the times of Bishop Roger (1189-1202), son of the Earl of Leicester. It housed the burgh’s wealthy and powerful bishops while St Andrews served as the ecclesiastical centre of Scotland during the years before the Protestant Reformation.

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Paranormal Activity of Blackness Castle | (New) 2017 Visit

Paranormal Activity of Blackness Castle | (New) 2017 Visit

Paranormal Activity of Blackness CastleSituated on the Firth of Forth – overlooking the magnificent old & new forth crossings – Blackness Castle is a 15th century location which was constructed by the Crichtons, but annexed by James II becoming a royal residence. It played its part in history as a prison, housing some high-ranking individuals.

However, may is still be housing these individuals after death?

Who is the alleged Angry Knight, whom wanders the castle trying to scare away those he deems to be trespassing in his domain?

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Haunted Scottish Castles | Video Playlist Live NOW!

Haunted Scottish Castles

is Glamis Castle HauntedHaunted Scotland’s INspirit Productions Channel, tours Scotland’s most haunted castles in search of confirmation of the afterlife, it’s associated historical facts and to allow people a sneak peek into some known and unknown places with a deep story to tell.

These videos range from recent visits through to some 2012 locations.

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Paranormal Activity In Worlds Most Haunted Castle


Paranormal Activity In Worlds Most Haunted Castle

Haunted Glamis CastleThe first ever paranormal investigation inside Glamis Castle with French national broadcaster France 2.

Join Ryan O’Neill, Lynne Knight & Steve King as they attempt spirit communication with the known wandering spirits of this amazing Scottish location.

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