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Ghost Voices: Greyfriars at Perth

Greyfriars Burial Ground was established in 1580 when the kirkyard of St John’s Kirk ran out of space for more graves. The site was chosen due to its long established religious tradition. More Info At: http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/greyfriars-perth-scotland/ These are Echovox Audio Captures from…Read More »

Echovox at Aberdour Castle

Here we have the first round of captures for 2014, from the fantastic Aberdour Castle! As always, let us know if you hear things differently, or can shed light on the ones we ‘think’ are significant, but can not make them out.…Read More »

Ghost Voices: St Bridget’s Kirk [Updated]

Location Information – http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/st-brid… An atmospheric location nestled within a wooded coastal position on the outskirts of Dalgety Bay, in the Kingdom Of Fife. It’s a former church, which now sits in surprisingly good condition, contrary to the online reports of being…Read More »

Ghost Voices: Echovox Capture Remix

Extensive research and observation has now been under way for 5 months – with the Echovox software – on a plethora of locations throughout Scotland and her borders. We have used the devices on a variety of locations, and the results have…Read More »

Ghost Voices: Huntingtower Castle

Location Information: http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/hunting… A ghostly lady seen haunting the upper floors. Many visitors have witnessed this while visiting. Apparently she died whilst trying to jump from one tower to the other to see her boyfriend. No one really has any idea who…Read More »

Ghost Voices: Using Echovox

Many questions are coming into the website here via comments, emails and the social media platform. They are mostly in regards to Echovox, the settings, techniques and sharing of information. I’ve decided to release another video to assist others, the best I…Read More »

Spirit Voices: The Tomb

Location Visit: http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/greyfriars-kirkyard-2/ Our aim was to conduct the first ever Echovox session in this atmospheric yet peaceful place, then allow Bryan to work his magic as he informed of the spiritual and energetic impressions he was receiving. This is the second…Read More »