Ghosts 2015: Restenneth Priory, Angus

Restenneth PrioryThe ancient Restenneth Priory, by Forfar, is believed to have been founded by the king of the Picts around 715AD. The Pictish King was said to have sent for an Abbot to ask for instruction in the Christian faith, and also for builders who could build in the Roman style of stone, which was unheard of in this period.

However, the base of the tower is said to be closer to 11th Century, which would suggest that the ground has always had a spiritual connection, with rebuilding taking place throughout the ages. Either way, this priory is one of the very earliest stone buildings in Scotland.

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The Osnaburg Bar

The Osnaburg Bar has a history of floating shadows and unexplained sounds. Under my direction, as the the founding member of Scottish Paranormal, the team travelled north to find out, what was happening in the Osnaburg Bar.

Whistles, bumps, thuds and unexplained noises were evident but no conclusion was reached on the source.

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Finavon Castle

Region : Angus
Location : Forfar
Details : the original 14th century castle is ruinous, however in 1856 a new castle was constructed nearby. It is the ruin which has the paranormal phenomena associated.

Paranormal Phenomena : The most enduring apparitions at this castle would appear to be a White Lady and a Blue Lady.

A White Lady haunts the dungeons area, St Margaret’s Tower and the ramparts, seen as recently as 1987 beckoning. Local legend assets that this is Margaret Pomeroy, who was imprisoned in the dungeons by her sister Eleanor and starved to death.

A Blue Lady, widely regarded as a harbinger to the Seymour family, wanders the ruin : In folklore she was raped by her father, who then strangled the resulting child in one of the upper rooms.

A local Legend tells of two brothers besieged at the castle, who, dressed in full armour, mounted their horses and rode off the top of the castle ramparts rather than face capture and death. The area has been termed since as the Pomeroy’s leap, and is alleged to reverberate with screams and dull thuds.

In addition strange lights have been witnessed, voices have been heard, and there have been reported cold spots and freak winds, although the latter is always possible in an open ruin.

Other apparitions reported include a lady in a grey dress, a Cavalier type figure, and strange shadows. Many visitors to the ruin have reported a feeling of unease.

Castle Guthrie

Region : Angus
Location : Forfar
Details : The Castle, as built originally by Sir David Guthrie in 1468, consisted only of the square tower, the current site of the castle’s library, Guthrie suite, ancient bedroom, and snooker room. It is believed that the house was built close by around 1760. In 1848, John Guthrie, with the help of architect David Bryce, connected the tower and the house. The tower has walls fourteen feet thick see also Guthrie Castle website:

Paranormal Phenomena : It obtained its reputation after a visit by the Bishop of St Andrews in 1620, who witnessed the ghost of a former Lady Guthrie – allegedly to make sure he was comfortable. Since which time it is said, she has returned to look after whoever is sleeping there. Castle Guthrie is now a hotel and visitors can opt to stay overnight in the “Ghost Suite”. The ghost is believed to have been last witnessed by one of the present members of the Guthrie family when she was a little girl. However, there have been other experiences since the Peña’s bought the Castle in September 1984.