Why Are Some People Close-Minded

As I replied this morning to a good friend, and a highly thought of colleague, from Indiana in the United States. I was hit with a few realisations with regards to how people think, and what may hold back good proper research and discovery in the paranormal field.

The above-mentioned friend – who is Chris Ratliff from Paranormal Ghost Research Indiana – was very balanced in his thinking towards a piece of software I use, open enough to understand but certainly not swayed till he has experience of such, and can see some building evidence.

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Your Experiences Count First

We live in a world where strange things happen and mysterious situations manifest on a regular basis. To list every instance of such, would be a job within itself with vast sways of area to cover and a plethora of off-shoots and areas to explore in-depth.

There is, however, one fundamental link between it all that I would place my neck on the line to proclaim, in the quest of further examination on new thought discussion.

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