Echovox Does Not Sweep Radio Signals

I’m often asked What Is Echovox, due to the plethora of videos, and ongoing testing sessions, I conduct with the Echovox System. Many people are gaining results you see, with many an eyebrow now being raised by those with the mind open enough, to test the system.

One thing it is not, is a hacked radio, watch the video…..

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3 Crucial Echovox Capture Tips!

Why do some people gain good results from Echovox, while others struggle to produce similar results, not able to clearly hear any coherence or interaction.

Are there any tips to aid with this?

In this article, I will list the three crucial areas to help you access better results from your sessions, while further enhancing your participation in evidence gathering, via the Echovox System.

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Ghost Voices: Using Echovox

Many questions are coming into the website here via comments, emails and the social media platform. They are mostly in regards to Echovox, the settings, techniques and sharing of information.

I’ve decided to release another video to assist others, the best I can, in the hope of furthering the research.

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Getting the most out of your Echovox

So you have the application on your Smart-Phone or PC Tablet and you are ready to rock and roll on location. However, how do you begin you may wonder, and what is the best way to conduct such sessions to get maximum possibility of results.

Like anything in the paranormal world, results are never guaranteed and when they are forthcoming, people rarely agree that such are significant enough.

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Ghost Voices: Echovox Application Settings

Echovox is a phone application that works in a similar way to the Spirit-box, possibly allowing non-physical energies to manipulate the sounds and words loaded on the application.

In this video, I have answered the questions, I am asked by other testers and people with an interest.


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