Dunfermline Palace

This is somewhat a strange one; as I clearly have memories, of the tales, with regards to Dunfermline Palace being brought up in Fife and having a keen interest in such reports.

Looking through the usual places on-line, gives no indication that the tale I know, has been recorded; for others to read and share. Maybe a native from Dunfermline, or its surrounding villages, can jump in with their memories of this area and help further enhance what I am about to reveal.
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Dunfermline Abbey – Possible EVP

On review of the audio device, a very quiet capture was evident. Whether this is natural or not is up for debate but its clearly present. No one else was in this area at the time, I was present in this room and just before this was captured I had asked clearly if anyone was there.

It could be something or nothing but will be placed up as a possibility.

Feel free to leave your thoughts as always!