Donna Smith-Moncrieffe

Mediumship: Why is Talking to the Dead Challenging?

Donna Smith-Moncrieffe, author and director of Metaphysics Research delivers this presentation at a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (Canada) charity event. Due to the many misconceptions about mediumship and its possibilities, it is necessary to clarify the factors that contribute to clear, accurate and free flowing communication between a psychic medium and potential clients.

Medium7 by Donna Smith-Moncrieffe

For centuries, scientists, philosophers, and people from all walks of life have wondered if there is life after death and whether anyone can truly predict the future. Today, in a time of great spiritual awakening, the answers to these questions hold remarkable insights into the nature of our existence and the manner in which we …

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A Medium conducts a reading with a Non-Believer

Principal Investigator Donna Smith-Moncrieffe of Medium7 Research conducts a series of non-believer experiments. In this particular video, the sitter (Chad) experiences a life changing moment. Thanks to Chris Stillar and all of the participants who provided prior consent to participate and share this experience with the public. For more information about this research, visit our …

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