Starters Guide – Set Up Your Own Team 3

So you have tried to find a local team that you can investigate with but having no luck at all? Maybe one does not exist in your locality or if they do, they are not open to new applications at this time. This is a common theme within the paranormal field and a circumstance that is constant in all areas of the world. I may just have a solution and a speedy straight to the point guide for you……

My name is Ryan O’Neill and I am the founder and one of the coordinators at IPI (International Paranormal Investigators). I am also the owner of Haunted Scotland, an independent project whereas observation on location is the basic way of operation.

So what would I know about teams then?

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Starters Guide – Paranormal Investigating 1

One of the hardest things to do is to put together information sheets in a field so diverse that it will go against the thoughts of many who are participants within it. There are a multitude of ways to operate in this field of study and research, and at this time no one can lay claim to a correct way of operation.

Please use this article as a rough outline and not as gospel and do not feel inclined to follow it precisely to the letter. Some of the information that you are about to read has come from investigators who have taken part within international paranormal investigators(IPI) at various points in the last six years. No one person has constructed this information based solely upon their own hypothesis, it is a collective constructed article which has been pieced together to assist newcomers to this field. It will be put on-line in parts spanning time, this is the first of those parts with more to follow at future dates.

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