Castle of Park Experience!

I stayed at Castle of Park over Christmas for a week with my husband a few years back. It was the scariest and most nerve-racking time ever. From the time we arrived, there was a menacing atmosphere about the place.

Some of the things happening were hearing of footsteps rushing down the stairs, a feeling of being watched and the downstairs kitchen stairs were avoided because there was such an eerie atmosphere….
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Castle Of Park

Region : Dumfries and Galloway
Location : Glenluce
Details : Thomas Hay built this tower house in 1590 after being given the lands of Park by his father, the last abbot of Glenluce. In the 1970s, after standing empty for over a century, the tower was repaired by Historic Scotland, Plans of the castle may be viewed on the landmarktrust website.
Paranormal Phenomena : It is alleged that a green lady appears in an upstairs window. The folklore tells that she is a servant who was dismissed from her post because she was expecing a child and subsequently committed suicide.
Another alleged apparition in the castle is a monk who was reputedly murdered by being walled up in the castle. Residents say they feel as though they are being watched – and objects mysteriously move from one room to another.