Live Event Feedback – The Vaults in Edinburgh 05

I have now ventured down the vaults on several occasions. It truly is a fascinating place, as you find yourselves standing in awe, trying to imagine what went on when they were active all those years ago.

They are not the most comfortable areas to conduct an investigation in, and it can become very tiring as it saps your energy toward the end of the research night.

It goes to show, exactly, how hard real paranormal investigating can be and how patience has a key role.

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Ghost “Kitty”

My husband & I moved into our rental home February 2004. Here in Edinburgh you can just about know by the look of your building how old your place is and we are in a home a bit over 100 years old, thing is, how many people have lived here and how many pets lived here as well. I am very interested in the places that I have lived here in Edinburgh, but so far this place is the most comfortable and home like feeling flat we have lived in. I told my husband when we viewed the place it felt as if someone was in the kitchen watching me and it was not a bad feeling at all… just a wonder like feeling…

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