Spirit Voices: The Salutation Hotel

Reputed to be one of the oldest hotels in Scotland, the Salutation Hotel has been welcoming guests since 1699.

The Salutation Hotel, affectionately named the ‘Sally’, in Perth, has been providing accommodation to guests since 1699. In September 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie marched from the Island of Eriskay and continued right across the mainland of Scotland.

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Spirit Voices: Dirleton Castle

This location has been no stranger to mysterious stories, along with local myths and legends.

The Devil himself is said to have turned up on the grassy green beneath the castle wall in June 1649, allegedly taking the physical form of ‘a large black shadow man’.

Several of his accused witches were held in Dirleton’s pit prison, where legend says the Devil’s marks were found upon them by the witch-finder John Kincaid. They remained in the pit until the order for their execution – which happened to be strangling and burning – came through from Parliament.

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Rose Hall Audio Capture

I toured – then sat quietly – within the grounds to conduct some audio recordings, and sampling of the environment. The audio is still being analysed, and all material will be uploaded over the course of the coming days and week.

Already we have some interesting captures from Rose Hall. The name Palmer, Leave me & Im Over Here, all very clear thus far and raising an eyebrow or two.

Please help us by giving your suggestions to this short audio capture from the location.

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Ghost Voices: Echovox Capture Remix

Extensive research and observation has now been under way for 5 months – with the Echovox software – on a plethora of locations throughout Scotland and her borders. We have used the devices on a variety of locations, and the results have moved us from a real sceptical position, to a much more inviting position.

This could only be achieved by self-testing, experiments and experience. Something some are unwilling to do within the field; while displaying a know-it-all attitude and coming form a position of arrogance, in my own personal opinion of course.

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Echovox: Spirits Manipulate Audio Devices?

I do not put all my trust into what others say or what Science theorises. I have come to understand, that the only way to operate in this reality, is to experience for oneself and then apply what you learn from such.

I am also aware that Science does not deal in proof and never has, it uses working models and then shows evidence to support the model. Science will NEVER conclude a model and thus the model is a map and not the territory.

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Ghost Voices: Arbroath Abbey Analysed By Chris Huff

See Location Information: http://haunted-scotland.co.uk/arbroath-abbey/

During this visit, we recorded continuous audio, paying particular attention to The Sacristy, Little Cloister, Abbots House & its Undercroft!


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Ghost Voices: Echovox Application Settings

Echovox is a phone application that works in a similar way to the Spirit-box, possibly allowing non-physical energies to manipulate the sounds and words loaded on the application.

In this video, I have answered the questions, I am asked by other testers and people with an interest.


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Talk 107FM – Snippets From Show!

Talk107 was a radio station based in Edinburgh, Scotland, broadcasting a phone-in based talk format. It was the UK’s first local commercial talk licence to be awarded outside London and was the only station of its kind in Scotland. It was owned by UTV Radio and traded as a wholly owned division of talkSPORT – the national sports talk station.

The station ceased broadcasting at 10pm on 23 December 2008 – a day earlier than initially announced – with Kickabout being the final programme to be aired. The station’s head of news, Gwen Lawrie, was both the first and last voice to be heard on the station.

Ryan O’Neill was a regular guest on Talk107, the show based on the paranormal, by a great host named Alex Hastie! He was joined by people such as Rachel Atkinson, Ewan Irvine, Fiona Williamson and various other team members.
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Aberdour Castle

Spiritual Voices Caught On Audio Device

Have you personally discovered the phenomena of spiritual voices caught on audio device? actually, I may get my knuckles wrapped for my assumption just now as some have already come up with other thoughts but hey, its my article so I may as well indulge my ideas and thinking along with you the reader! So anyway, EVP as its called “Electronic Voice Phenomena” or “Phenomenon” if from across the big pond, is when we capture apparent voices that seem not to be present at time to our hearing, but somehow etch themselves into the devices storage centre.

There is a lot of audio out there with varying quality and admittedly, some are a stretch in-as simple noises are being interpreted as words when they truly are far from said claimed results. On the flip side, we have ‘Class A’ audio that is so clear that it will send a shiver up the spine of the listener and leave most us researchers scratching our heads.
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