The Key Element of Real Paranormal Activity

Real Paranormal Activity

Real Paranormal ActivityThere’s a fine line walked while sorting through the plethora of material gathered from witnesses and old accounts from times gone by.

Those who work within the paranormal genre, whether this be researchers, Investigators or observer, must ensure they only deal with the facts of each and every case.

But can we go too far and lose out on real paranormal activity and raw experiences?

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We are spirits playing at evolution of consciousness

We are spirits

We Are SpiritThe fringes of paranormal exploration and research is my preferred place of operation. Out of mainstream research sight, and deep within my mind formulating ideas on the paranormal subject.

Always looking to find more information – and putting practices into action – rather than relentlessly just talking about them.

If you think people working in the paranormal field are far out, you should peek into my thinking, that will seriously twist your brain in a multitude of directions.


I’ve learnt a very serious lesson these past 10 years in this passionate hobby of mine, I know next to nothing about the true nature of reality or ‘exactly’ what happens to us when we die.

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3 Tips To Experience The Paranormal

It truly Is all around us, and may be more normal than paranormal, more natural than supernatural, and far more accessible than you could ever imagine. Yes, I’m speaking about that mysterious topic of spirits, hauntings, and the afterlife.

After probing this area for over a decade now, working in some of the best known locations in Scotland for possible paranormal activity, I am rarely surprised at what’s captured as probable evidence into existence of the soul after death.

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The Growth of Haunted Scotland

Due to the growth of Haunted Scotland, with great interest shown in the historical locations with a paranormal twist – along with the vast collection of material for presentation to the public – work has started in order to upgrade, and categorise the locations we have visited.

During this time, we will be adding features such as click-able maps for ease of information gathering whether a member of the public, or fellow researcher.

In addition, better presentation techniques to allow you to follow the trail of work, with greater ease, will be adopted.

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Can We Scientifically Measure The Non-Physical!

I have massive gratitude towards science and the boundaries they push here in the physical realms. As many critics of the paranormal – and heavy supporters of fundamental science practices – have told me over and over, if it were not for science, I would not be sitting on the Internet or enjoying much of my luxuries.

This is true, but lets not lose sight of the real discussions that brings up such claims, how can physical science measure non-physical activity?

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3 Crucial Echovox Capture Tips!

Why do some people gain good results from Echovox, while others struggle to produce similar results, not able to clearly hear any coherence or interaction.

Are there any tips to aid with this?

In this article, I will list the three crucial areas to help you access better results from your sessions, while further enhancing your participation in evidence gathering, via the Echovox System.

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Paranormal Con-Artist?

In a previous article, I spoke about damage to the field when we do not listen to clients. I also advised, on ensuring, that the client is always number one in consideration and shown full respect.

You can imagine my horror when fellow IPI Coordinator Chris Ratliff brought to the attention of the IPI Group on Facebook a particular website, who are offering services that MAY just be conning those we wish to protect.
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