The Rose Hall – Jamaica

Just 20 minutes from Montego Bay, The legend that surrounds Rose Hall and its infamous owner, Annee Palmer, is one that has fascinated generations of locals and visitors alike since its construction in 1770.

Allegedly, Annee was named the “White Witch” because she bedazzled then killed three husbands and countless slave lovers. Apparently she was an admirer of the whip, she was also said to be notorious for torturing slaves for her own sick entertainment.

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Ravenscraig Castle

Region: The Kingdom Of Fife
Ravenscraig, Kirkcaldy

Details: Ravenscraig Castle is a ruined castle located in Kirkcaldy, dating from around 1460. The castle is an early example of artillery defence in Scotland. Now managed by Historic Scotland, and protected by Scheduled Ancient Monument this has been recognised as a category A listed building.

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Ethie Castle

Region : Angus
Location : Inverkeilor
Details : dates from around 1300 when a sandstone keep was built by the Abbot and Monks of Arbroath Abbey. In about 1530, the castle was remodelled around a courtyard.

Paranormal Phenomena : The appariton of an old man is alleged to have been seen mainly on a narrow staircase that leads to a secret doorway in the bedroom once belonging to Cardinal Beaton. A dragging noise and unexplained footsteps have been heard on regular occasions in these areas. The figure is always alluded to as Cardinal Beaton, notorious for putting hundreds of Protestants to death during the 16th century : Shortly after his death his ghost was seen at Ethie.