An Ancient Mystical Priory In Haunted Scotland

An Ancient Mystical Priory In Haunted Scotland

Restenneth PrioryThe ancient Restenneth Priory, by Forfar, is believed to have been founded by the king of the Picts around 715AD.

The Pictish King was said to have sent for an Abbot to ask for instruction in the Christian faith, and also for builders who could build in the Roman style of stone, which was unheard of in this period.

However, the base of the tower is said to be closer to 11th Century, which would suggest that the ground has always had a spiritual connection, with rebuilding taking place throughout the ages. Either way, this priory is one of the very earliest stone buildings in Scotland.

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Spirits: Edzell Castle in Angus

Edzell Castle is a stunning semi-ruined 16th-century castle. It’s located close to Edzell, and is around 5 miles north of Brechin, in Angus, Scotland.

The Castle was constructed around 1520 by David Lindsay, the 9th Earl of Crawford, and then was expanded on by his son, Sir David Lindsay, Lord Edzell, who also laid out the garden in 1600’s.

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Glamis Castle

Region : Angus
Location : five miles west of Forfar
Details : a considerable stone and brick structure with turrets, battlements, towers and numerous rooms, suites and galleries. History: Glamis Castle is the historic seat of the Bowes-Lyons family, the lands presented to them by Robert the Bruce in 1372. The Bowes-Lyon family still owns the castle as the Earls of Strathmore. The main keep of the castle dates from the 14th Century, with the towers and turrets added in recent years.
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Finavon Castle

Region : Angus
Location : Forfar
Details : the original 14th century castle is ruinous, however in 1856 a new castle was constructed nearby. It is the ruin which has the paranormal phenomena associated.

Paranormal Phenomena : The most enduring apparitions at this castle would appear to be a White Lady and a Blue Lady.

A White Lady haunts the dungeons area, St Margaret’s Tower and the ramparts, seen as recently as 1987 beckoning. Local legend assets that this is Margaret Pomeroy, who was imprisoned in the dungeons by her sister Eleanor and starved to death.

A Blue Lady, widely regarded as a harbinger to the Seymour family, wanders the ruin : In folklore she was raped by her father, who then strangled the resulting child in one of the upper rooms.

A local Legend tells of two brothers besieged at the castle, who, dressed in full armour, mounted their horses and rode off the top of the castle ramparts rather than face capture and death. The area has been termed since as the Pomeroy’s leap, and is alleged to reverberate with screams and dull thuds.

In addition strange lights have been witnessed, voices have been heard, and there have been reported cold spots and freak winds, although the latter is always possible in an open ruin.

Other apparitions reported include a lady in a grey dress, a Cavalier type figure, and strange shadows. Many visitors to the ruin have reported a feeling of unease.

Ethie Castle

Region : Angus
Location : Inverkeilor
Details : dates from around 1300 when a sandstone keep was built by the Abbot and Monks of Arbroath Abbey. In about 1530, the castle was remodelled around a courtyard.

Paranormal Phenomena : The appariton of an old man is alleged to have been seen mainly on a narrow staircase that leads to a secret doorway in the bedroom once belonging to Cardinal Beaton. A dragging noise and unexplained footsteps have been heard on regular occasions in these areas. The figure is always alluded to as Cardinal Beaton, notorious for putting hundreds of Protestants to death during the 16th century : Shortly after his death his ghost was seen at Ethie.

Claypotts Castle

Region : Angus
Location : 1 mile NW of Broughty Ferry, near Dundee

Details :
a Z-plan tower house – a rectangular block with round towers at two of the diagonally opposite corners. Two turnpike stairs – one for the family, one for the staff – can be seen in the angles created by the towers. The towers are fairly plain until they reach the square garret chambers perched at the top. They bear the dates 1569-88 which is presumably when they were constructed. In 1601, the Strachan family moved out and sold the castle to Sir William Graham of Ballunie who owned land in the region. His son David was possibly the last owner to actually live at the castle. After the battle of Killicrankie, the castle and land reverted to the State and were granted to James, second Marquis of Douglas in whose family it remained for centuries, passing into the Homes family by marriage. For further details see rampant scotland

Paranormal Phenomena : The castle is said to be haunted by a “White Lady” who is seen at a window in the castle each 29 May.

Although always claimed to be the ghost of Marion Ogilvie, the mistress of Cardinal Beaton, murdered in St Andrews – on 29 May 1546 the facts do not fit the fable as the castle had not been built by 1546 and she lived at Melgund Castle.