Ancient Wisdom

Interview on Ancient Mysteries

Graham Hancock discusses his views on the following topics: 1 – Precession of the equinoxes 2 – Bringers of wisdom from the Heavens 3 – Monuments aligning to 10,500BC 4 – What happened in 10,500BC? 5 – The Mystery of the Pyramids

10 Civilizations You’ve Never Heard Of

10 Civilizations You’ve Never Heard Of. Lost languages and mysterious disappearances are just some of the interesting things about these 10 lesser known civilizations. Where else to find All Time 10s…   Facebook: – Twitter: –

Sacred Knowledge: In Plain Sight (Decoded)

This is a documentary on sacred geometry and the hidden meanings encoded within buildings and city layouts. The secret society known as the Freemasons for century’s has used the knowledge of the ancient world to speak to one another through mathematical formulations called sacred geometry. Watch and be astounded as this is de-coded before your …

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