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So you have tried to find a local team that you can investigate with but having no luck at all? Maybe one does not exist in your locality or if they do, they are not open to new applications at this time. This is a common theme within the paranormal field and a circumstance that is constant in all areas of the world. I may just have a solution and a speedy straight to the point guide for you……

My name is Ryan O’Neill and I am the founder and one of the coordinators at IPI (International Paranormal Investigators). I am also the owner of Haunted Scotland, an independent project whereas observation on location is the basic way of operation.

So what would I know about teams then?

I would like to reassure you at this point, I have run one previously with my days as founder of Scottish Paranormal which is now run by very close personal friends Mary Cunningham & Jim Cunningham. Fortunately, it’s one of the success stories of field teams as come the next few years it will celebrate 10 years of research, events and knowledge providing which is second to none and on par with many, and highly respected world-wide may I add.

I type this not to brag about my involvement nor the excellent work done by the guys at SP, but to reassure that the information you are about to read can benefit you, and that it would be worth your time digesting it and using it to assist toward your success.

Success though does not come without learning, temporary setbacks and the ability to pick yourself up and keep moving forward in the face of adversity. I have been on my ass more times that you can imagine but every single time I have risen again and kept moving. Such movement has inspired, impressed and resulted in having many friends internationally, along with the spin off projects ranging from TV work through to field meet-ups and joint projects.

I mention this as I wish to impress on your mindset that no matter what, after following the information to come, even if you fall down you will remember this and get up and move forward. Is that a deal?

Starting a Team

So as said, there are no opportunities for you locally and you have little desire to travel great distances to the next nearest research organisation. So the option now is to start your own team (or go independent) and you do not know where to begin.

You need to think up a name for your group or research hub and I would advise something relevant to your area, your style of researching and something you feel comfortable and excited about. Also check that no others have the same name, this can be done by on-line Google searches!

Decide if you wish a website and if so, pick something you can afford hosting wise or seek out someone who is skilled in building and providing such. (Mark Smallman at IPI would be my suggestion). Do you wish a message board for visitors? How about a chat room? Have you considered a team private room on-line? None of the above may be an option and you may just do things local in meet ups within local clubs or activity centres. Get a pad & pen out now, scribble down what talks to you and then work from this!! <—–No seriously, do it now!!

Please check out my articles in regards to qualities at This Link and Here Also which deals with proper conduct and basic outlines. These will further enhance your knowledge base at this point!

Okay so you have the group name, you have a website or off-line meeting place and you have the knowledge about how to operate so it’s now time for team members to assist your research or hobby. (Unless You Go It Alone Obviously)

This is an area you need to be careful in, pick your team members very carefully and you will avoid most pit falls in the future. I had fall outs with so many team mates over the years and had so much heartbreak that it would take another article if not more to go over it all. Things to consider are:

• Interviewing Potential Team Members
• Questions To Check How Serious They Are
• Are They Available For Meetings & Research
• Do They Have Transport
• Are Their Objectives & Direction Similar To You
• What Is Your Gut Saying

Place all new members on a trial basis for a set amount of time you are happy with. This will enable both you and the member to quit participation in research in this time. This solves any lasting problems and keeps things simple and respectable.

Do not make the same mistakes I have made, always value your team at the highest level and tell them that. Communicate not just your negative information, be positive and tell them if they have impressed you. Teams love to be appreciated and it builds stronger relationships.

COMMUNICATION – Speak continuously and always ask if everyone is happy!! A happy team is a founders dream 😉

So you have a good happy team, a nice set up with good knowledge…next it’s time for business…we will cover that in a future article. There is plenty above to work on for now so let’s recap and mention your steps:

1. What Is Your Organisation Name?
2. Do You Wish An Online Presence?
3. Build Your Website or Seek Out An Expert – http://www.macgraphic.co.uk/services/
4. Read IPI Articles Past, Present & Subscribe For Upcoming Ones – Some Gold Ones To Come!!!
5. Decide On Independent Research or Team Research
6. Construct Questions For Team Interviews
7. Give New Members Set Trial for Mutual Benefit
8. Follow Advice On Communication – weekly/monthly face to face meet ups?
9. Email Me at Ryan@Haunted-Scotland.co.uk and I will help with anything else!!

Remember, takes notes and build on them while getting your thoughts flowing and structure imagined. Then action steps to realise the above!

Good Luck Till Next Time!

Ryan O’Neill

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