Starters Guide – Can You Investigate 2

In the last article we looked at conduct and behaviour while operating in the paranormal field. We also touched upon learning, study and application which included seeking out an established organisation to see how things are properly done.

In this short article we are going to look at qualifications, qualities and exactly what’s required for effectiveness when working within this field. The common mistake as repeated over and over by newcomers to the field is a misconception that it is exactly as shown on popular TV programmes, this is a major letdown to those investing in this study, when they realise that in reality, it is so much different.

Paranormal TV is fantastic in this sense that it promotes the field to a wider audience but in reality, investigations shown on the screen are edited down from many hours of footage, giving you just the best parts of the investigation. I’ve had personal insight into the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes in large TV productions and those involved should be commended as it is pretty intensive stuff.

For now though it’s back to real sessions and everyday cases.

What qualifications are required?

None, anyone can become a paranormal investigator as there are no formal qualifications required. Don’t get me wrong, you can if you wish to, jump online and find the plethora of establishments that provide their own in-house qualification but a small warning is that although these will give you some knowledge, there is no need for the actual certificate. Gaining a certificate or qualification is a great personal achievement but does not elevate you above anyone else in this field.

What qualities would help?

Patience, unsurprisingly this is where a lot of newcomers fail to succeed in the field. Personally I have sat in location for countless hours with nothing spectacular taking place but still managed to come away highly satisfied with my research. Could you do this? Be honest, it will save you a lot of time and money. In the past I have always made the comparison with fishing with regards to the level of patience, setting up of equipment and then waiting for something that may never happen. I would urge a deep think about this aspect!

Also prepare yourself for countless hours of study online along with research and networking with others while your cases are active. Like it or not you will need to research and you will need the help of others at times so good communication is a must. Your Investigation does not end when you leave the location and likewise, does not begin on arrival….get the background work done on the history, witnesses, location and pre-investigation checks. In turn, get the post work done, keep in contact with the clients and send on all relevant paperwork that you promise them. Be prepared for many follow ups too!!

Mark Smallman, Scottish Paranormal investigator said it perfectly in the following:

“Always try to explain any occurrence logically, once all logical explanations are ruled out that you can think of – seek advice from other investigators.”

And Tony Liddell of Otherworld North East Research Society makes an excellent point with the following:

“If you are truly investigating an alleged ghost or haunting (rather than out to amuse yourself), then you should always expect to be thoroughly questioned and have your research picked through with a fine tooth-comb. Don’t expect serious researchers to take anyone’s findings seriously if it turns out that the investigation wasn’t done with strict controls and a knowledge of what the equipment used actually does, and what the results actually mean.”

All other qualities have been covered in the previous article.Here

What Do I Need?

This one is actually pretty simple; in order to conduct research you can easily achieve this with very basic equipment.

• Note pad and pencil.

• Camcorder and/or camera.

• Torch.

• Tape recorder or digital Dictaphone.

• Thermometer.

• First aid kit.

You can easily expand on this depending on how you wish to conduct your research. Anything from DVR systems to infrared thermal scanners can be employed but be warned, it does not come cheap.

I under no circumstances wish to tell people what to use and what to disregard but have to add that Ouija boards are seldom a good idea for a whole multitude of reasons. Now I am not coming to you from a stigmatised standpoint on the board but more from the possibility of false positives provided by Micro-muscular movement or probable hype usually found when a collection of people get carried away with such sessions. It’s simple, they are not legitimate tools and your fellow researchers will not take your findings serious.

Start small and build as your knowledge and interest builds. There is no need to run out and buy the latest technology out there, trust me.

I hope the above serves you in deciding if this is a field you would like to become part of. Be honest with yourself and you will save yourself a lot of heartache and resources.

If you would like in-depth information or to chat about being an investigator, contact one of us here at international paranormal investigators and we would be happy to assist. Ryan@Haunted-Scotland.co.uk

Happy Researching!

Ryan O’Neill

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