St Anthony’s Chapel Edinburgh | 360 Interactive Video

St Anthony’s Chapel Edinburgh 360 Interactive Video

St Anthony's Chapel Edinburgh 360 Interactive VideoSituated in Holyrood Park, overlooking St Margaret’s Loch, we have a stunning little historic ruin shrouded in mystery due to lack of any in-depth knowledge.

In addition, we have sparse reports of photographs of possible spirit’s emanating from this Edinburgh location.

The origin and the history of the chapel are obscure, but it was certainly built no later than the early 15th century, as in 1426 it is recorded that the Pope gave money for its repair.

The chapel may have been linked to the Preceptory of St. Anthony, a skin hospice, which was based in Leith around this time. It may have been linked to the nearby Holyrood Abbey.

It was originally rectangular in shape, around 43 by 18 feet (13.1 by 5.5 m), with 3-foot (0.91 m) thick walls, and was built with local stone. The tower would have stood just over 39- feet (12 m) high, and probably had a spiral stair inside. The chapel is now a ruin: only the north wall and a fragment of west wall remain next to part of an ancillary building.

This website inclusion will allow you to have a 360 degree interactive look at this location, future presentation to follow with any further information or session captures (audio)

Let us know what you think of this format.

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