Spiritual Voices Caught On Audio Device

Have you personally discovered the phenomena of spiritual voices caught on audio device? actually, I may get my knuckles wrapped for my assumption just now as some have already come up with other thoughts but hey, its my article so I may as well indulge my ideas and thinking along with you the reader! So anyway, EVP as its called “Electronic Voice Phenomena” or “Phenomenon” if from across the big pond, is when we capture apparent voices that seem not to be present at time to our hearing, but somehow etch themselves into the devices storage centre.

There is a lot of audio out there with varying quality and admittedly, some are a stretch in-as simple noises are being interpreted as words when they truly are far from said claimed results. On the flip side, we have ‘Class A’ audio that is so clear that it will send a shiver up the spine of the listener and leave most us researchers scratching our heads.

I say most, simply due to the fact that we have, like any field, a few who think they have it all sewed up and will proclaim a plethora of ridiculous natural possibilities that are more strange than a paranormal source. One thing though, at least they are brainstorming and we need such to help instigate thoughts! Hats off to them on that angle for sure….as for the cynical bunch though, who have a mindset akin to the strictest bible follower who never lets up or have the inability for flexible thinking and conclusions (no offence intended but I am not a fan of religion if it does not empower you to follow your own bliss instead of text written by men we do not know) they bring nothing to the field but controversy and a smug attitude that is best left outside the door! Its that whole polarity thing though…I am sure they have their uses somewhere in the grand scheme of things 🙂 Ouch! Digression, sorry!!

So, in my time as a researcher in the field I have personally came across 3 or maybe 4 excellent pieces of audio from my investigations, evidence if you will, that I can personally vouch for as I was there, I knew the controls in place and aware of the environmental issues. Actually, Here is one for you to listen too and then I will briefly give you the background….

On the above Investigation which produced the audio you have just heard, four of us were present and at time of voice, we heard NOTHING! as witnessed by hearing myself directing the pack up of equipment. It was not until the next day at least, that on review of the media that it was discovered. Do I know what its saying? Nope, I was more interested in where the heck it came from and why I never (or the team) heard it at the time. It was captured at Yester Castle in the Lothians of Scotland you see, on the edge of a rather large golf course and a good few miles from the nearest village of Gifford if memory serves me correct.

I have heard mumbles from the cynic crew that such can be produced by passing Taxi radio waves 🙂 Aye Awright 😛 maybe it was the call sign! Snickers away into my coffee as I type. I jest…stick with me!! but seriously, I do not doubt such a theory but in my opinion from experience, I have yet to have the aforementioned happen to any of my audio equipment and spanning 7 years…I will change my stance greatly if I am produced with evidence though!! Show me the data and recreations please!!

Some cracking audio has also been captured down Mary Kings Close but apart from that…oh wait…My memory has re-kicked in! How about this little cracker from my earlier days:

I am still trying to come to terms of how we managed to gain access to the church via the reverend, the tenacity of me! 🙂

So back to you, have you discovered EVP yet? Do you possess recordings which you have captured as part of a team, on your own or by accident? Feel free to share them with me here!! Leave a comment even and let me know your thoughts on the audio’s above or like our Facebook page and comment away if you are a big social media user!! I like to make it easy for you to interact here 🙂

Have a fantastic day, wherever you are friend and until next time…Take Care!


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Voices Caught On Audio Device”

  1. They are interesting thing evps. I am in the proceeds of trying to get a multi sensor array developed for a laptop – one of the sensors in it with be RF. At least that way if one captures an apparent EVP and the RF range doesnt change, then we could be sure it wasn’t a radio signal.

  2. Excellent stuff Cormac, keep me posted in how you get on and what your conclusions are!! 🙂

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