Spiritual Impressions: Bryan Boyle at Greyfriars

It’s a part of life and reality; the simple fact that we have a large percentage of people who claim a gift, and ability, to speak with those who have passed away. Within the mentioned percentage we can go deeper, to those who fly under the radar of public awareness and carry on happily in their purpose to help people who grieve.

Many will not surface, sticking their head above the parapet, mainly due to the few who feel the urge to ridicule, discredit and attack those; who’s only chore in life is to assist others.

Long gone are the days where I would attempt to pre-judge anyone; especially where my understanding of such intuitive abilities, psychic awareness or spiritual contact is minimum compared to those who have lived with such all their life.

Likewise, I have zero interest in proving things to anyone; and as always, the material is placed up for you, the reader, to indulge in and then decide for oneself. I always feel that we are able to make up our own minds without so-called experts, celebrity sceptics or magicians telling us how WE must think. I afford the same respect to you all, no matter what angle you perceive things from!

In this short written piece, we are going to explore a session that took place on Thursday 3rd October 2013 at Greyfriars Kirkyard.

On the day in question, I accompanied Mr Bryan Boyle, a gifted mystic and medium from Fife; someone I have known for many years now.

Greyfriars Kirkyard

I wish to now highlight a few pieces of information that were recorded on the continuous dictation session, information pulled from the ether by Bryan I may add, with absolutely no reason to believe he had prior knowledge of what he was telling me.

All material matches the research that has now been completed and thus is presented as is:

As you can see from the above video, Bryan came out with some fantastic information, some that I was able to research in the aftermath of the visit; and the release of the initial material.

What stood out, and was particularly interesting to me, was his insistence that a guy named “Jock” was present and relaying information. This guy was connected to the location according to Bryan, he continued to say he was a gatekeeper, furthermore; he was going on about being in it together, all of them.

The gatekeeper, according to Bryan, was also highlighting the word Shilling, a unit of currency formerly used in Britain and former British Commonwealth countries.

During my post-location research I managed to track down a Sergeant John Levick,

Photograph from http://1oclockgun.org.uk/357.html please visit their great site

Heriot’s School 1863 “gatekeeper” a term I have never heard before. Obviously, most people named John, carry the nickname “Jock” here in Scotland, so this was an interesting line of enquiry for myself to follow.

It gets even more interesting when we tentatively link in the information.

Sergeant Levick was also the school’s drillmaster. Fifty constabulary carbines were purchased in 1865 at seven shillings each. Sergeant Levick received an extra five pounds per annum for drilling the boys. – http://1oclockgun.org.uk/357.html

Could the insistence of all being in it together, be talking about the training they were undertaking, building strong relationships, of such; I have experienced in the army.

In the link above; you will also see that the School, and its cadets, are linked to Greyfriars so this is not some stab in the dark. There are connections evident.

Next we had the combined evidence of Bryan, EVP and Echovox all repeating the name Edward:

The feedback from this has been highly appreciated and certainly welcomed by myself and the very humble Bryan.

Lets also not forget, the above is a small example of the hits from the day, in addition we have the little girl Elizabeth Dunstan and her relatives which were tracked down through online documentation, and PDF files.

Easily I could produce a very large article from the day, highlighting bit by bit every hit and possible link. I am however satisfied with the research that has been done, the pieces of evidence now widely circulating from the material initially produced and the extensive files now locked up safely here at Haunted Scotland.

The hit rate from this location, in relation to Bryan Boyle and the information he provided, is well in excess of mere chance. This is significant, and I look forward to our next outing and providing more data, information and sharing thoughts with everyone here at Haunted Scotland.

Please check back for more Spiritual Impressions, Audio Research and Locations Visits.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

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