The Spirits of Christmas in Scotland

The Spirits of Christmas

The Spirits of ChristmasAs we all make those final preparations for the festive period, ready to indulge in The Spirits of Christmas, I thought it would be interesting to look at a different type of Christmas spirit.

Those who departed the physical, yet, still make themselves known during this time in Scotland.

There is no special time of day – or year – for activity of a spooky nature to transpire.

Paranormal activity will happen when it happens if it happens at all.

This is something I am careful to explain to people who join any event or public gathering that I’m working on.

However, there is something rather sad when we recall those who have lost relatives and friends at this period in the year.

Emotions are higher, so the energy certainly can impact upon manifestations and possibly aid the replay of residual memories that somehow embed into our environment.

Here we have three instances of festive spirits who still seem to make themselves known from beyond the grave at this special time for all.

Leith Hall – Aberdeenshire

Leith HallBuilt in 1650, on the site of the medieval Peill Castle, Leith Hall was the home of the Leith-Hay family for nearly four centuries.

One particular spirit that’s said to wander this impressive location is that of John Leith III, who happened to be killed on Christmas Day in 1763 in Aberdeen.

During a drunken brawl at a tavern belonging to Archie Campbell, the Laird was shot in the head.

The author of a book about Leith Hall, Elizabeth Byrd, reported seeing a large moaning apparition of a man on July 16, 1968.

She described him as having a dirty bandage over his head and covering one eye, in possession of a weapon and dressed in dark trousers with a shirt.

One thing which is rather common, was that Elizabeth Byrd said the apparition was as solid as you and I

She actually shouted at him to go away and he disappeared in the direction of a window behind a dressing table.

Byrd wrote about this experience, claiming that she felt watched, like there were others in the room with her at the time.

Was this the spirit of the laird John Leith III? It certainly sounds like it.

The Tay Bridge Train

Tay BridgeThe Tay Bridge disaster took place at 19:45 on the 28th December 1879, where a violent storm resulted in the bridge collapsing and taking a train with six carriages with it into the River Tay.

On that horrid night just after Christmas and before the turn of the year, 75 passengers, crew and the train driver were all killed.

It’s alleged that on the anniversary of the Tay Bridge disaster, you can see a ghost train appearing where the rail tracks would have been back in 1879, and the cry of the passengers can be heard thereafter.

I have been to the site of the accident, monitored the location for signs of the phantom train, but with no success in spotting what others have witnessed and reported over the years.

Dalarossie – Inverness

DalarossieOn the River Findhorn, up in the highlands of Scotland, you will find a little location named Dalarossie which has a peculiar story and festive period sighting.

It’s alleged that a family named the Shaws can be seen on Christmas Day, continuing a game of Shinty that they started many a year ago on the Sabbath.

Legend has it that they played the game on the Christmas Sabbath, only for each member to mysteriously pass away in the following year.

They broke Church law, but were they truly condemned to death for such, or did their consciousness cause a placebo type effect where each family member – riddled with guilt and superstition – would pass away in the year to follow.

More so, are they locked into such a way of being that they return each anniversary? Or is it their residual energy that’s locked into the surrounding environment of Dalarossie?

Whatever your plans are for this magical time of year, I would like to wish you all an awesome time. Get into the festive spirit and enjoy it fully with your family and friends.

Haunted Scotland look forward to welcoming you back after your festivities.

Take Care Everyone,

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