Spirit of Prisoner?

I used to share a flat (an old converted police station) with my best pal and strange things used to happen quite frequently. Things would disappear for months then re-appear where we had left them.

Anyway, Vince and I were sitting watching the telly one night and the room temperature dropped dramatically, we both witnessed in the corner of the room a green hazy glow, it moved from one end of the wall to the other then slowly disappeared. We both felt really calm, with no threat felt and on trying to establish what had caused the glow, found no rational explanation.
One incident that got me baffled was an ornament that I had sitting on my window ledge. Both myself and my pal had left for work, and locked the flat as normal, on returning from work the ornament, (a female figurine) was sitting as I had left it, but the head had been severed from the body!!! Nobody had been in the flat all day and neither my pal or I had returned from work at any point that day? It was really strange as it was a perfectly straight cut, weird huh?

After this event, on further investigation, we found out that a prisoner had hung himself in the cells of the building! Maybe he was trying to tell us how he died?

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