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Spirit Affecting Physical Devices & Aps

Echovox Audio LiveAssumptions are cool, we all make them at times and as long as we are able to move our perception when data becomes available, we are using excellent facilities of the mind and working our way towards some type of truth within this nature of reality.

However, what happens if we make assumptions based on nothing more than our own belief system or the ramblings of pseudo-sceptics with an axe to grind, and we flatly refuse to change our mode of thinking?

I’ve learned a valuable lesson over the last decade while researching the mysteries.

I truly know nothing in my seeking – outwith that consciousness is fundamental and everything else is subjective – even education establishments with their theories and textbook repetition of someone else’s ideas truly know nothing solid.

It therefore comes as little surprise when I hear the cynical arguments against the paranormal, intuition, spirit communication or audio aps.

Oh and not forgetting, devices being unable to communicate with the other-side.

Do we expect anything different in this world of polarity?

Spirit Can Not Alter Devices Or Sound Files!

This one comes from both believer and sceptics alike, with both giving their own subjective or conditioned beliefs as reason.

I’ve dealt with the sceptical approach in the past in numerous articles with regards to pareidolia et al, so will leave that one be for now.

However, I would like to dive a little deeper into the misconception that consciousness can not affect devices and the data within, as this is crucial in our understanding of how devices such as Echovox may work.

There was one thing that I personally undertook that dovetailed with my seeking of afterlife evidence, this was study of consciousness and it’s effect upon our reality.

Could our thoughts impact the physical and could we measure such?

Yes, a ton of study has been completed by very able departments such as Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEAR) where parapsychology experiments begun in 1998 as an attempt to detect possible interactions of “global consciousness” with physical systems.

To simplify, projects would monitor geographically distributed network of hardware random number generators in the hope of detecting patterns that affirm widespread emotional responses to sets of world events, or periods of focused attention by large numbers of people, such as 9/11.

The results were clear, consciousness – especially emotionally fuelled – in some way managed to cause distinct changes outside chance within these devices.

Matching perfectly with the events of 9/11 was an example, so clearly we have consciousness affecting devices above and beyond mere chance!

Of course, the pseudo-sceptics do not like these results as it questions their very belief system and some are truly unwilling to accept that they will need to shift their perceptions.

Rather than doing this, they will attack the results, as we see clearly in sites such as wikipedia – which they love to use for their own propaganda and desire to win silly arguments.

Some of us just want the truth and not agendas.

How Does This Relate To Audio Aps?

In this field we must take a leap of faith, but do not worry, even science must do this as seen by their acceptance that something came from nothing (The Big Bang) as Terence Mckenna once said.

Modern science is based on the principle: ‘Give us one free miracle, and we’ll explain the rest.’ The one free miracle is the appearance of all the mass and energy in the universe and all the laws that govern it in a single instant from nothing. ~ Terence McKenna

So if we are dealing with an afterlife, we are dealing with units of consciousness – spirit – and if we in our physical meat-suits can affect devices by mere emotional response, then non-physical consciousness can do likewise and maybe even more effectively so.

It really is not a stretch of the imagination unless you are not up-to speed with alternative research and only viewing the world from a physical stance.

So the insistence from some – who clearly feel spirit and the afterlife is real – to then poo-poo the use of these devices, is really throwing out the baby with bath water.

I said such 4 years ago on this very website yet still some do so.

Audio Evidence Of The AfterlifeI understand this is not helped by famous Youtube stars piggybacking on the research for their own needs and perhaps not doing it all justice, but we truly need to be careful not to discount anything through dislike of people, their fame or even jealousy/trust issues because some are gaining what seems to be amazing results.

Unless you strictly test these devices, do the research, work on the hypothesis and show the workings, then you are going to be ignorant to the process and methodologies.

This is what the wannabe celebrity sceptics play on and actually do, as do some of the hard-line so-called scientists who run from belief systems through indoctrinated textbook knowledge.

Remember, I said some, as we do have a plethora of very able open-minded sceptics in the science community who are pushing new boundaries, but do not expect to hear about them in the mainstream just yet.

Does this mean all devices communicate with spirit?

In every area of life we have people who commit fraud for fame, money or just some type of attention. We also have some with agendas who purposely set up situations to fail and then point out that everything is false then.

Do not be conned!

We do not discount all house builders because some cowboy builders failed in their work or conned people. We do not cry that house building is impossible, citing examples from the above-mentioned.

There will be devices, programs and such that will be absolute rubbish whether pre-programmed to cause false positives, or purely put out to trick the serious researchers and amateur enthusiasts.

Only by testing, cooperating with fellow researchers and gathering data will be able to discount the rubbish and move forward with that which brings us results.

In this day and age it’s easy to access information online, find all viewpoints and then make an informed decision for your further testing.

The purpose of this article was to show that consciousness can in fact alter devices and the data within, not to be too fast in discounting programs on devices which provide random data that can be manipulated by consciousness, that is no longer in a physical shell.

I’m firmly on the YES IT CAN be used perspective, due to rigorous testing, research and my ability to move position as new information becomes available.

You are either moved by seeking of truth, or seeking to debunk and destroy information…where do you stand?

I know where I do!

Take care friends



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