So Are They Real

Its obvious that if you are already on the site here that you will have some type of interest in spirit/ghost hauntings which is a small part of the umbrella that is the paranormal. You will have gathered that Haunted Scotland is more biased toward research, observation and investigation of hauntings and does not cover extensively the other topics which range from cryptozoology through to ET’s & UFO/IFO’s. So it will come as little or no doubt really that the first article written specifically for the site here will follow this theme and start with a bang in question terms, start as you mean to go on they say so…..

One of the questions I am asked time and again by family, friends and new acquaintances is:

  • Do Ghosts Exist?
  • What a question Huh? Not one that can easily be answered either due a plethora of reasons and many people having different opinions. Like others regardless of what they will proclaim openly, I do have my own private personal opinions which I regularly hang up on the hook while I put on my impartial head to look at each case or testimony. I mean, do you honestly think I would be involved in the paranormal field if I did not think that there was something to it all? I certainly am not here to be a debunker whose sole purpose is to reinforce a rigid mindset and neither am I going to get all airy fairy and do likewise on that side of the fence. That is not to say I have not had personal experiences either because frankly, I have, and many of them. I can ensure, there is something to it all and its not ‘wishful thinking‘ like some will parrot, so as to seem like an authority on the subject.

    You see, along with many very able researchers and keen participants, I have travelled the length and width of Scotland to practically every location imaginable. I do not tell you this so as to Bragg about my adventures or to seem more important than I actually am, I tell you this so you can see the practical levels I have aspired to in the search of the truth rather than passing judgement from an armchair or displaying cynicism without so much as a sniff toward a reported active location. Its rather easy to talk the talk but more advisable to actually walk the walk in impartiality and enthusiasm.

    So what have I discovered? Well lets just say that not as much as people may expect but on the occasions where I have classified a locations phenomena as unexplained, its been hair raising stuff (yea yeah, I have no hair I know)

    Take for example the session we conducted after hours down a rather quiet and atmospheric ‘Mary Kings Close’ on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in Scotland. At the time I was working with my team from Scottish Paranormal who were the most fantastic bunch of people you could ever meet, trustworthy, fun and enthusiastically second to none. We were wrapping up at the end of the night and had congregated in Chesney’s House at the bottom of the close, what was to happen would shock all the group and leave a massive question…What just happened?

    Are you the reader familiar with THE CLOSE? If not, adjacent from Chesney’s House we have a room I term as ‘The Story Board Room’, it consists of a rather long walkway which are floorboards and leads from the close, to backstairs which rise up toward Annies room and the cattle shed at the back end of the attraction. Although an intriguing area, from an investigation angle, nothing till this time had caused much of a fuss, sessions had been carried out but nothing strange had ever happened and remember, I have been down there second to only staff members, its been so many!! 🙂

    So we are gathered next door to here, the location is closed and we are entering the wee small hours of the next day. The staff members as always are working away upstairs on paper work and patiently waiting till we finish so that they can get home. This is when they came…no not the staff but the footsteps……

    Along the walkway right next to us we hear the steps come along, louder and louder and we all look around expecting to see said staff member and NOTHING! No one was there…but the footsteps did come along, we all sensed someone was approaching although we did think it was a living being so profound the sound of steps. In utter amazement we all looked at each other before finally realising…..we never got it on film as everything was OFF!! We checked with staff and done the usual recreation so we could pinpoint the exact area et al…..but despite all that, it remains a deep mystery for us all!! I think we may have just witnessed the phenomena residing in Mary Kings Close as a whole team of mixed levels of scepticism.

    Little point would there had been in releasing the occurrence as proof as we truly had nothing for anyone to examine and the field, although bursting with kind hearted fellow researchers who understand our frustration, is also littered with closed minded debunkers who are put there to test us Hahaha. Even the mention here will attract them like a fly to a light… I look forward to it as I take the lid of my fly spray! 🙂

    Seriously though, I could go on and on with other such examples, let you hear audio clips and get others to share their experiences but until you personally go through an episode that can not be logically explained as natural….It will mean not a lot!

    So are they real? Well, this is something you will need to contemplate, experience personally and make an informed conclusion on after getting active and searching. Stick around the site and social media associated with Haunted Scotland….then together we can look at all this! openly, rationally and flexible in mind!

    Take Care For Now!


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