So Am I Researching?

The question on everyone’s lips just now and something actually flooding in my direction daily,  do I still research the paranormal and where have I been in the last few years. I was astonished to hear some thought I was still heavily involved, working under the radar in the past 3 years. I am not that easy to hide as some will tell you, I have a knack of making myself heard usually good and not so good. 🙂

I stepped out of the field some 3 years back to concentrate on new areas of research and personal development. In this time I had the chance to really dive deep into mysteries, quantum physics, ancient knowledge and then progress through a few areas non-related to the field.

It was a worthwhile cause, Its given me new perspectives and abilities to really push my own personal research and work, while also hooking up with colleagues and together….evolve within the field for the field. Nothing sits still you know, everything changes in life and I now have the ability to be flexible and move with these changes. Previously I lacked in this area, so it’s allowed me to gain skills and direction, moving on the leading edge of thought and purpose!!

You see, as I have preciously mentioned in articles and blog posts here, there is so much more to progression and discovery in this field than just racking up Investigation totals or gaining access to high-profile locations. Remember, I have been there and I tell you out of respect for you, to help and to encourage not taking some of the paths I have, so you can aspire to great heights in your work.

You need the internal drive, purpose, desire, inspiration and then comes; the ideas and skill gaining to complete all the tasks off-location. In turn, the above will see you thrive while researching, then you have the full package to assist others and stay in the field, evolving with it and brining something new and exciting to the table.

Now do not get me wrong, I speak from my perspective here which may be a little more advanced than your plans to enter the field on a hobby level. My sights are always set so high that people struggle to comprehend what I am trying to achieve you see, just adjust my words to your own desires and push on.

So am I researching?

Yes, I’m actually at this time doing mostly written work, planning and building foundations for my future projects and ideas. Now that we are seeing the increase of temperatures and not-too-shabby weather, I will be out and about soon. I will be visiting new locations, old favorites and basically reporting my travels here.

All the above will come to light over the course of this year!

Remember, I am also helping to coordinate IPI and we have some exciting ideas for the project too. If you are a world Investigator you truly need to get in touch with us, by doing  so we could be having a chat via Skype or by me calling you personally on your phone or cell, no matter where you are in the world. That’s my commitment to the field and you …..Goodness help ya!

If you are a group or team in Scotland and you need some help with a problem, want to chat about my past research work or need some back up advice on or off location, contact me! If I can not help directly, I will arrange with the guys at SP to hook up on a call with you! They are big contributors to the field and community and assist where they can!!

Stay tuned to the future of Haunted Scotland, IPI and personal work I have planned! If you love the paranormal, you will be interested.

Have a great weekend.

Ryan x

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