Series: The Real Mary King's Close, Edinburgh

The Real Mary King’s Close is thought to be one of the most haunted places in Scotland. The first recorded sighting dates back to 1685 and concerns the Coltheart family who moved into the Close after the last outbreak of the plague. It was not long before Thomas and his wife experienced ‘spectres and nameless terrors’ in Mary King’s Close.

Other well-know occurences include a ‘worried man’, a woman in black, a little girl called Annie who spoke to a famous Japanese psychic, sounds of a party or tavern and scratching coming from inside a chimney where a child sweep is said to have died. Unusual occrences have been experienced by visitors and members of staff including stones being thrown, inexplicable footsteps. A number of strange photographs have also been captured by staff and visitors alike. Mr Chesney’s house, at the bottom of Mary King’s Close has been the subject of some quite intense Electronic Voice Phenomena study over the past 5 years, with some rather strange results.