Scotland’s Spookiest Pubs

A pub or public house, is a drinking establishment fundamental to the culture of Britain and more specific in this case, Scotland. In many places, especially villages, a pub can be the focal point for the community. The traditional warmth of the atmosphere in conjunction with laughter, local tales and the joyful banter can make such evenings a joy to behold around the country’s drinking establishments.

The history of pubs can be traced back to Roman taverns, through the Anglo-Saxon alehouse to the development of the modern tied house system in the 19th century. Are these locations subject to a spirit of another kind though?

I’ve had the pleasure of travelling Scotland, in search of the alternative spirits, on many occasions over the years. The question is, which ones have stood out boldly, in both mind and within the extensive paranormal files which I have managed to gather thus far?

There is a rich history of ghostly reports from such locations within Scotland, and here are three for your contemplation and enjoyment.

The Feuars Arms – Kirkcaldy
Address: 28 Bogies Wynd, Kirkcaldy, Fife KY1 2PH
Phone:01592 205577

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This Victorian style public house came on to the radar back in 2005, such were the reports by staff and management, it needed a thorough investigation into the spooky happenings.

STRANGE noises, footsteps running downstairs when no-one is there and beer pumps which turn themselves off in the night.

These were among the weird happenings reported in an old Kirkcaldy public house — and a new Fife-based group of paranormal investigators was determined to get to the bottom of them.

Fife Free Press: 24/02/2005

Full blown apparition, just one of many things, that had been seen by the landlord in the bar area, particularly one early morning while he entered the premises, It just faded into the ether after he had sighted her. Staff have reported being touched on the shoulders, hearing footsteps running up and down the stairs into the cellar and the owners dog had been known to freak out when taking into specific areas.

Although no major activity was evident during the Investigations at the location, small instances did catch the attention of the team. Moving lights, shadows and tapping in reply to questions. No manifestations but hey, they do not appear on demand.

Stunning location and a proud historic public house for the local clients.

Betty Nicol’s – Kirkclady
Address: 297 High St, Town Centre, Kirkcaldy KY1 1JL
Phone:01592 642083

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Based in the quieter part of Kirkcaldy High Street, this lovely public house came on the radar after a pretty peculiar episode involving a candle and a cleaning lady, let me explain….

Vikki Drysdale got the fright of her life when she arrived for work a little earlier than usual.

When she entered the back room as part of her daily routine she jumped out of her skin when she saw a tea-light burning on one of the tables. Resulting CCTV footage showed a flickering flame whereas previous images from throughout the previous night had shown nothing of the such.

Vikki said: “I came in early, about 7 am and went through to check the back room. “When I opened the door it was pitch black but I noticed that one of the candles was burning. “I got a fright and panicked – there’s no way a tea-light that size could have burned all night.

She goes on to say…

“I blew it out and quickly shut the door. I definitely think there is a ghost here. Every time I go into the back now I’m a bit edgy. “I have never been back through that early since, and the barmaids don’t like going down to the cellar for ice any-more.”

Other staff have had brief encounters with the spooky presence and many are terrified to go down into the icy cellar.

The fantastic Scottish Investigator, and darn nice gentleman all in, Archibald Lawrie, had been to the location and felt the presence during the visit. This confirms the story as very credible in my eyes.

I too visited and conducted an Investigation, and was subject to the same icy conditions in the cellar and very strange it was. There was no real source to be found and the case files remain open to this day.

The Osnaburg Bar
Address: 23 Osnaburg St, Forfar, Angus DD8 2AA
Phone:01307 463380

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This is somewhat a favourite of mine, to be completely honest, for a whole host of reasons. Could it be the excellent Bryan Boyle and the hit after hit on mediumistic terms, considering I personally took him by car and he had no foreknowledge. However, it possibly may be the whistles and noises captured on the equipment, with no real source in physical terms ever being found.

The Osnaburg Bar has a history of floating shadows and unexplained sounds.

As highlighted in a feature by retired journalist Laurie Rogers, these have been attributed to the spirit of a chimney sweep who died in the flat above.

During the Investigation my electronic voice specialist Graeme Baxter, checked the tapes and caught two voices coming from the cellar—one telling him to get out and another of a man’s name.

Manageress Donna Cruickshank said, “It was extremely interesting, especially when Bryan became old customers.

“I will look forward to reading the report.”


Brian Boyle, could also tell that the bar area layout had been changed and even pointed to one such area and said that there used to be a corridor. Of course, he was perfectly correct!

He also came up with a Masonic lodge feeling, there are signs of this on the floorboards, which have a carpet over them. There was no way he could have seen this and to me this further strengthens the evidence towards some people having a unique ability not understood by science.

Will I even go back to this location in the future? Never say never!

So there we have it, three wonderful locations to go along to and enjoy a bite to eat and a lovely cold drink. Just be careful of what spirits you order.

Are you the owner of a Haunted Public House in Scotland? Maybe a regular who has experienced extensive personal proof. Please contact me here at Haunted Scotland and we can add you to the site, maybe organise a visit or conduct a non-intrusive observation night free of charge. Email me at Ryan@Haunted-Scotland.co.uk

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