Can We Scientifically Measure The Non-Physical!

I have massive gratitude towards science and the boundaries they push here in the physical realms. As many critics of the paranormal – and heavy supporters of fundamental science practices – have told me over and over, if it were not for science, I would not be sitting on the Internet or enjoying much of my luxuries.

This is true, but lets not lose sight of the real discussions that brings up such claims, how can physical science measure non-physical activity?

Every morning I read the world news in relation to the paranormal and other mysterious aspects. I like to keep up to date with what my fellow researchers are blogging, and what the main-stream are releasing to the masses.

This actually allows me to see where we are all heading as a collective, and if the suppressed fringe data – that may answer the big picture questions within society – are being revealed to allow such further progression.

Think of it like a road map I study to see if we are going to get closer to that destination, and increasingly we are, but still we get the odd piece of news that tries to keep us locked into the five sense reality.

I read a piece from LiveScience.com which asked “Astral Projection – Just A Mind Trip” which started off well but then descended into the age-old big money-making statement, insinuating that those who teach people how to do astral projection are coining it in.

This is a common theme in Pseudo-Sceptical perspectives, that if someone is making money, they are some type of fraud.

They fail to apply the same logic against people like James Randi of JREF, who has made millions from attacking the paranormal subject, or even Richard Dawkins who sells countless books for his sceptical market place.

In my neck of the woods we call that cherry picking circumstances or experiences to suit a belief system.

This is not to say the guys at livescience are doing such (I mean it’s authored externally anyway) , it just happens while reading their article that the seed of thought for this short blog sprouted.

I like balance too, and some of the claims [in the article] are a little ridiculous. I mean, using the following statement to disprove remote viewing: Locate “Osama bin Laden during his decade of hiding out in Pakistan, and save innocent lives (not to mention collecting the $25 million reward)” is some claim, and starting to go to the ridiculous.

Especially, when it was unclear he was even alive lately [Bin-Laden] and whether the big fuss the other year was just propaganda. There are more holes in the US story line than you would find in a fisherman’s trawling net off the Shetland Isles.

I wont digress though, anyone with a small degree of intelligence can go research the inaccuracies themselves and see what I mean. Very surprised the author used that angle, especially one with self-thought rationality and superior intelligence.

Another quite stunning reference, is that to Susan Blackmore and her book. It’s been many years since Dr. Susan Blackmore wrote her book, “Dying to Live” which argued that NDE’s were not evidence of an afterlife.

Since then, she’s dropped out of NDE research, while NDE skeptics have continually used her research to argue their position. So why would an article use such outdated information from a book (that money-making device again according to Pseudo-Sceptics, unless you are a sceptic) when we should be moving forward on the road map to new information and new data?

Hmm…anyway, here we have information – and an interview – to further your personal knowledge on Susan, and exactly why using her material NOW is flawed, and should be discounted from this research till brought up to date….

Pulling it back, we need to start asking some real probing questions with regards to what we can exactly measure, scientifically, using the model.

Can anyone else see the problem in trying to use Physics IE physical research, to determine non-physical occurrences or phenomena? That, to my inquisitive mind, is ludicrous!

We can only push it so far along in measurement, and then we hit the problem that it will not work, and thus, flawed scientific models should not be used to conclude non-existence of paranormal probabilities.

I currently do not see, hear, smell or taste the WIFI signal around me, and would not know it was there if not for my devices to measure it. If I do not have such a device available, do I claim it as non-existence of wireless internet?

Of course not, I would have to wait till I had the proper model to find it and test it. I.E. Laptop, Smart-phone, PC or Tablet to name a few.

In addition, when did science become the deciding factor in life on what is real and what is imaginary? We just need to look back at history to see the science has been flawed on many occasions (flat earth anyone) so we move on and evolve with data.

We should not be placing all our eggs in one basket, nor making articles that talk from an authoritative position, when in all reality, much like myself, the author has no idea of the greater reality and questions that follow it.

Hearsay from other people’s outdated work –  including their own belief system that everything is bunkum – and really pushing the Pseudo-Sceptical line, will never convince me to follow them or even take them serious. I want open-minded, flexible research with some intelligence added to it.

We need to move along that road map and not get stuck in the lay-by behind those who look backwards, or leave obstacles to obstruct the way forward.

We are supposed to evolve with the information that is made available, and in the field of paranormal study, such articles or members of a pseudo-sceptical nature are not welcome for such progression.

There is nothing wrong with being open-minded and sceptical, but as soon as you close that mind and employ the belief systems – that science is god included – its curtains for progression.

We can measure some of the phenomena presented, and the data is out there – some unfortunately not afforded a peer review publication due to the scientific dinosaurs – lets continue to jump out the box of old thinking, and hush the self-appointed authorities as we explore the true nature of reality.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

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