Roxburgh Castle

Region : Roxburghshire
Location : Near Kelso
Details : Roxburgh Castle is a large 12th century courtyard fortress and was the strongest castle in the marches. Occupied by both the Scottish and the English through the centuries, it was demolished and repaired many times. Of this impressive Scottish royal castle, only fragments of the gatehouse, curtain wall and flanking towers now remain, with the earthworks of a 16th century English rectangular fort in its centre. With the dense cover of vegetation, it’s best accessed in winter. King James II was killed by an exploding cannon during his seige of the castle, and after taking the castle the Scots reduced it to rubble to ensure that it never again became a place of strife between the nations. Nothing now remains of either town or castle, although there is a village of Roxburgh some two miles away.

Paranormal Phenomena : James II was killed whilst storming the castle, and it is reportedly his ghost on horseback that still charges around the area.

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