The Return To Mary Kings Close

After an absence of 7 years from active research down Mary Kings Close, I returned with Mark Turner to coördinate a night of paranormal exploration with members of the public. The purpose was to allow the public to fully experience any possible paranormal activity, by a whole host of ways from spiritual practices through to equipment based techniques.

I always emphasise – as does Mark Turner – that we can not make paranormal activity manifest at such nights, what I can ensure though, is that everything that does transpire on location is 100% genuine, and that if I felt it was a pointless exercise, I would not give up my time to take part in such.

A lot of work, energy, and effort goes into hosting public investigations as each tiny detail is crucial to a free-flowing night. If there was no passion to seek and experience the mysterious topic of the afterlife, you could never conduct such, as the amount of work that goes in is above and beyond what anyone could imagine.

What keeps me intrigued – and pushing forward with purpose on these nights at location – is the very thought of someone from the public having a direct experience that changes their life positively and in a contemplative way.

I do not need convincing of an afterlife – or hauntings for that matter – as I’ve had direct experiences and know it is all very real indeed. I could hang up my EMF Meter, Thermometers and Audio Devices right now and be satisfied that I found what I needed too in this area of reality.

The key for me now is to take the experience I have, and share it with people who are interested in finding out for themselves. Guide them in the right direction, but allow them to form their own perspective and thus world-view when it comes to paranormal topics.

So a return to one of the world largest tourist attractions – and certainly within the top 5 for paranormal activity – was always going to be on the cards again, I mean, where else better to take the public in order to touch the paranormal so closely.

My area of expertise if we could classify it as such, is in the use of audio to initiate communication with unseen energies. In particular, much as it is not liked by more sceptical members of the paranormal community, is the Echovox Application software. You can read about it HERE

There was no way I could give up the chance to use the techniques down in the close as it has never been done before, and I love breaking forward at the leading edge of such research in such locations.

We adopted a fresh approach of using an external Bluetooth speaker with a great audio range for live listening. This would allow us to record our sessions while also attempting communication while in the specific areas of use.

Did we hear anything out of the ordinary while in the atmospheric rooms of use?

YES, with such audio captures as “Shut up” or even more strange, asking who needs help with an immediate reply of “You” we could say we were touching upon another realm from within the close that could communicate via sound waves.

On the periphery of our area while attempting communication, we often heard the very subtle movements of something unseen, something gently watching as we pushed further for communication, and direct experience for the public who were taking part.

I am always mindful of the public in such sessions, it really is a game of patience, full awareness, and participation without fear. It can be long and drawn out with nothing much transpiring, or it can be intense activity, it truly is a mixed bag.

During my sessions in the location, I would say we had a mix of all this, long periods of nothing much happening, and short bursts of audio that were well and truly beyond the scope of the software sound banks.

The most interesting thing from the return to MKC, was the mediumistic session in Annie’s Room, where the very talented and likeable Janice Dodds took the public into the spiritual techniques of communication with spirit.

Singing “Ring a Ring O’Roses” and then gaining the resulting high levels of fluctuating Electro-magnetic energies – in tandem with what Janice was picking up vibrationally – and then adding in some sound captures, we had the perfect storm of possible activity manifesting directly for all to experience.

At this early stage, I do have a lot of material still to check through as my work does not finish with the end of the location sessions, my probing of the paranormal from this fantastic location will continue throughout December, as I try to present as much above-normal material as possible for the public to take on-board and contemplate.

All in all, it was a very interesting return to Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh, it was a pleasure to work with such enthusiastic members of the public as we probed this location, and I genuinely feel we very subtly touched upon the afterlife via unseen energies that still seem to visit, or reside within the set area of the close.

Here is the first presentation from the 6th December 2014 visit to the location, and please do continue to check back for additional updates as we diligently work through the stored material from the visit.

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