Researching Locations

It’s certainly a blessing to live in a country so steeped in history when you involved in research such as I now am. I mean, it’s not difficult to actually find locations with an associated story in terms of ghostly going-on, phantom play backs or the well-travelled Mary Queen of Scots who seems to haunt nearly every historic location up and down Scotland.

I can certainly jump in the car and within just a few minutes, arrive at suitable locations to set up equipment and begin my observations. Quiet and peaceful areas where you can get the feel for the history, and soak up the atmosphere. Truly spoiled I would say!

Visiting these location alone and carrying out the mentioned observations is not the only task involved in researching the paranormal though. Behind the scenes we have a lot of work beforehand which incorporates both that of a paranormal nature and the obvious health and safety risks. It’s a massive planning procedure that if not undertaken properly, could result in failed visits and possible danger.

The history is usually needed so as to formulate plans for areas of interest, this would result in perfectly utilised equipment set in place to experiment and monitor. You see, placing an audio device in an area with no reports would be absolutely pointless and a waste of a good resource, researching and planning prior is thus the key to a successful session.

Afterwards, we have a lot of data to look at, whether this comes from loggers, DVR systems or audio devises, it still needs to be thoroughly checked and analysed. This can be rather time-consuming but it is absolutely necessary so that the bigger picture can be constructed and reported upon for you the reader or any client.

So a lot of work, which is why I would have to say that unless you have a deep passion for this type of research, it may be better to have a good hard think about it. Do not get me wrong, you can still go out with the plethora of events companies, join up on small open visits and enjoy the subject, it’s just not as laid back as it looks on the face of it. Well certainly not in my experience, I tend to throw myself in pretty deep and be as thorough as possible to help advance the research.

I suppose if I had to sum it all up, I would say that you will get exactly out of it, what you put into it! This rests on you! So give your best at all times and you will flourish!

In the mean time, wherever you are….have a visit out to a local location with your camera and see how you get on. Keep coming back here too for up to date news, views and media to get your teeth into!

Take Care


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