Research & Material

Research & Material

Research & MaterialThis part of the Haunted Scotland site hosts The Research & Material (See drop-down box) which includes all Haunted Locations, research from the past, and up-to-date visits to some of the most talked about hot-spots in Scotland.

Expansion is inevitable, with such a vast topic, and some of the latest inclusions include the recommended mediums section, a hop, skip and jump along the navigation bar, where also you will find all the Echovox captures, under Ghost Voices section.

Haunted Scottish Castles

We have an extensive Scottish Haunted Castles section for you to browse at your leisure, Haunted Scottish Castleswhich is a full database of gathered information from the files of Haunted Scotland. These are updated – and reported on – with great regularity.

Ghost Stories are the fundamental key to paranormal research and study, with some in the field discounting such in favour of what they deem as superior intelligence in the topic. I think a return to paying very close attention to the details of such are crucial. Never judge them without full facts, Investigation, and an open-mind with great flexibility.

Plans are in place to expand into OBE’S (Out of Body Experiences) and jump into remote viewing and other likewise topics of interest. It really would be worth coming back regularly as the main site here will evolve into a wealth of information, and data, that will keep you in awe.

Please make sure you do come back on a consistent basis for updates, bookmark us, and return in the future while letting us know what you think of the progress here.

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