Recording Spirit Voices in an Empty Home – Huff Paranormal

The following is from Steve Huff’s Youtube Channel, as I continue to follow his work and leading edge research into Ghost Voices.

Steve Says: I was asked to check out this house by the owner who had experienced many things here. Apparitions of children, red orbs with horns, direct voices being heard. Since they lived about 90 minutes from me I decided to team up with Chris from A.S.P.S. and check it out. The house was empty and the residents moved out but wanted to see if I could verify that there were spirits present. Good or Bad.

I verify in this video that yes indeed there is.

Some amazing replies here from the Echovox, Andys Box and Radio Shack Hack box. Also a few low level EVPs and some other odd things that happen.

Enjoy. – From Huff Paranormal

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