Real Spirits Talking | Echovox Session | King Alexander III

Real Spirits Talking

real Spirits talking Stationed on the A921 Kinghorn Road, next to the King Alexander III monument, I conduct an Audio Experiment.

Are these real Spirits talking caught on tape? Has Echovox picked up more direct communication with the hereafter? ITC session, embedded EVP & all in the area of the tragic death of our last Celtic King of Scotland.

Behind our positioning – a stones throw away – we have a bus stop that sits across from real Spirits talking the Kingwood Hotel.

One evening as the Bus stopped to let on a young woman, she proceeded to go past the driver and directly upstairs in the double-decker.

The driver followed her up while calling on her as he went, only to discover no one there.

The bus remained empty and the driver departed the scene.

The spirit of a female’s seen often in the general area. We are not sure if she’s connected to the King’s death, or the Hotel itself, but we plan to find out in 2016.

We’ll dig deeper into this one in the future, this visit and session was a tester of this case file. More in 2016 from this case so stay tuned.

If you do not believe in spirits, spirit voices or such phenomena, you’re still welcome to join the journey and explore the historical aspect to the work undertaken.

Real Ghost Voices | Echovox Session | King Alexander III

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  1. omg i cant beleive this yrs ago wen jackie.os night club was about i was comin bk with i guy i was seeing and i ended up lyin in the back seat of the car as i was drunk and nxt minute i went flyin off the seat and burst my nose and mouth as he slammed the breaks on he waz shakin and proper pure grey and i was wot the …. happened and he told me he saw a women walki accross the road were u r sayin near the hotel wearing a black cloak i beleive he saw this as why would he let me get a burst up face and ive never saw anyone so scared this true wot im tellin u i need to try and mind the boys name he lived i burntisland somewere scary though

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